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Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all!
Im new to SW and im hoping that posting on this regularly will keep me on the right track!

About moi, Im 19 and 11st 3.5lbs, 5ft 1":cry:I work in an office all day unfortunately which means I get limited exercise as I work there 8-7 most days!!

I spend my work-time trying to avoid the canteen or the food shelf in our Dept - its horrendous! :help2:

I havent done too badly today but im considering tomorrow a proper start making sure im weighing out my HE's so I dont syn. I would appriciate any recipes that you guys have to offer and any general hints/tips. I will try my hardest to update you on food daily (without boring you all to a slow and painful death!) and especially weekly weigh-ins. Oh & im doing it alone at the moment :eek:

Wish me luck!!
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Hey skinnyminnie, we're the same age :)
I'm starting this week as well, how are you getting your head around everything?
Good luck staying focused at work, i'm sure if you plan out your day and maybe take some fruit or low syn snacks to work you'll be fine, the others in the canteen will probably be jealous of how fresh and tasty your food looks.
Hey skinnyminnie, we're the same age :)
I'm starting this week as well, how are you getting your head around everything?
Good luck staying focused at work, i'm sure if you plan out your day and maybe take some fruit or low syn snacks to work you'll be fine, the others in the canteen will probably be jealous of how fresh and tasty your food looks.

Hii :)
Thanks! Yeah I have stuck to the fruit from the canteen and not even thought about chocolate, so far so good!

I have been searching the forums for low syn snacks and have found quite a few which is brill! I just need to stick to the food plans that I make. Will be trying syn free lemon curd tomorrow!
Tomorrow's Food Plan

Hi guys!!

I'm hoping that by posting this meal plan i'm less likely to stray due to the embarassment of having to come on here and change it lol! :eek:

Tomorrow will look like this:
Porridge - HEB
350ml skinny milk - HEA
1 tbsp honey - 3syns
2 tsp Candarel

Jacket potato
42g of low fat cheese - HEA
Half tin of Baked beans
Lots of salad

Omlette + spring onion + mushrooms
Bacon - HEB
Half tin of Baked beans

cheesy mug shot - 2syns
2 mini babybel lights - 4syns

Fresh fruit!

I'm new to the plan so please tell me if there is anything I should change :)
Wish me luck guys, im really hoping this is the plan for me!! :4633:x
That looks good - it's all in the planning and just writing down every single morsel every single day encourages good habits - you can also replicate your good day/weeks while eliminating any that don't work.

One day at a time lol.

Good luck!

Thanks :)
Im feeling v.postive at the moment. I just need to remember that ive actually made a plan!

Will update again tomorrow!



Loves the Nom Nom!!!
hey! I havent been doing it long either :giggle:

I never thought about an omlette for tea, i dunno why! Will look to that next week :D
So far...

Heeey! I thought I would type on here so I stay away from the fridge! :eatdrink051:
Now.. today has been good :) I've stuck to the plan so far but things are in a different order. Has anyone found that herbal teas have helped with losing weight what with them kicking your metabolism into gear?

Ive been in all day today which hasnt helped as ive felt bored and when im bored im more likely to snack! How much have people lost on their first weeks, im hoping for 4lbs! Is that too optimistic?

Thanks for reading, see ya!! xx
Hi, this is only my second week and I've been using the forum to keep away from the fridge.

I lost 6.5lbs in my first week so 4lbs doesn't seem unachievable, but it probably depends a lot on how much you need to loose. I need to lose 3-4 stone.

Good luck with the diet.
hey hun glad your doing well so far! I tried herbal tea once but thought it was yuk! lol i'm relatively new to slimming world only started last month but i drink as much water as I can to help speed things up. I lost 5lb my first week :) good luck keep us posted! x
Hi skinnyminnie welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss.

I plan my menu for the week as well if I didnt would come straight home from work and just dive in the fridge.

A tip I have also found very usefull is only to have healthy food in the fridge in your eyeline. So when you open the fridge thats the first thing you see. Anything that is not free or healthy is at the bottom where I cant see it without searching.

For example on my healthy shelf as I call it is yogurts, apples, chopped vegetables, cottage cheese. All things that I can pick on if I need to pick.
Thanks nannyto9, lindsay88, tiphareth. I have around 2-3 stone to lose, but i always find I stop losing at around 9st 4 which at the moment is miles away so I should be okay :)
Really good tip to have healthy stuff at eye level in the fridge, I try and make sure I dont have anything majorly unhealthy in the house. Its very boring at times but it really stops me from eating everthing lol.

I quite like the herbal teas but unsure whether its just a myth that they help with weightloss, we shall seee :D

Hope everyone is having a good sunday!!

Thanks for the support, its really appriciated, especially as im not going to group :):)

Herbal tea can help with weightloss if you are having them instead of eating something!

There are some claims that they can speed things up, but no real evidence for this.
Good luck all the newcomers - I am still one myself really. As for herbal tea? - well if you don't like it, then leave it. I'm all for trying new things or things you are not really a fan of, but don't force yourself into stuff you dislike.

Remember to have what you like withing the plan and syn allowance.

Good luck!

Well... everything i'm going to eat is eaten.

All went according to the plan apart from dinner which i swapped for a salad, I also had a couple of extra syns but i have enough to spare to allow for that :)

This doesnt feel like a diet at all, I cannot see how this will work as I feel that its too good to be true but we will see. I think tomorrow I will include more fruit, insead of porridge, I might feel like im healthy eating a bit more then lol.

How did everyone elses day go?

Tomorrow's Food Plan

Raspberries, melon & strawberries with fat free natural yog and some porridge oats (HEB)

113g tuna, salad and wholemeal pasta

quorn wholemeal spag bol
42g low fat cheese (HEA)

cheesy mug shot - 2syns
packet of quavers - 5syns
3 babybel lights (HEA)

How does this look.? Am i eating too much?

Yeahh I bet :)
Are you having a good week so far with SW?

I think im going to weigh on sat rather than thurs, i dont want to be dissapointed. Does my food plan above look okay? Im doubting what im eating coz im never hungry or feeling like im on a plan lol.


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