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Hey everyone, Im new to this forum.
Started sole source today and finding it a little difficult already though i hope my determination will see me through the 2 stone I want to lose as quick as possible.
Have tried this diet twice before but others influence has made me fail.
Really looking to meet some people doing the same thing who understand as everyone else seems to think it is a stupid diet and try to make me eat (which was succesful last time:() Really want to do this. So, guess its a hi from me lol
Hope youre al doing well
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hi little miss and good luckk with your diet . there are loads of people on here who have been really sucessful and offer loads of support . i have been on this diet for 5 weeks and keep failing so planning to move up aplan and hopefully shift another stone !!
hope you suceed this time , keep swilling that water and you will be fine !
dont listen to those that try and tempt you away from your diet . you can do this .


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Hi ya to you too and a big fat Good luck !!!

Yes I agree everyone has to put there halfpenny worth of comments on SS ~ mainly you are mad for not eating but I do agree when you are on it and in the grove ~ its the best diet in the world

You should loose that little 2 stone before xmas if you stick to it religously so go girl get cracking !!!!

Love Love


Ps go and drink some more water ~ it will help

PPs then go and drink some more water ~ it will really help


Lil K

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Hi LittleMissxx & welcome to Minimins.

Everyone on this site is friendly and helpful - its been a lifesaver to me many times over the last few weeks.

I'm on wk5 of CD now and I can say it is, on the whole getting easier. I decided from the outset that to succeed at the diet I would have to become a little 'selfish' and focus on it 100%. Don't let anyone else sway you. I try to think that this diet is only a few weeks (in my mind it sounds shorter than months;)) out of your life to achieve the body that you want - and with two stone to lose you should be there in no time.

There will always be people who want to sabotage your efforts, for many different reasons, but stand firm, say no to their temptations of food 'just a little bit won't hurt' etc, and ignore the inevitable comments you will get about how VLCD's are bad for you.

Best of luck with your efforts - just take it hour by hour to get through the initial days and keep drinking the water. Hope to chat with you again on the boards xx


try, try & try some more!
Lil K has said it all!!

This site is great, keep popping along for inspiration!! As before drink plenty water and most of all GOOD LUCK!!
Hiya littlemiss and welcome to minimins and to the CD again you can do this yes some people have nasty things to say but are they really worth listening to??? At the end of the day you're losing weight and healthily!!!! Yes it's hard but damn worth it good luck hun and dont forget to get that water down you!!!! xx
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Welcome to Minis and to CD. Stick your fingers firmly in your ears, ignore them all and you will succeed. You'll have that weight off in no time.

Hi there! Good luck. How much do you wanna lose?
Again what Lik K says, she said it all so well - very good advice. Welcome to the forum and to a life changing diet (if you stick to it!)


please try again
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hi littlemiss welcome to mini's!

ignore what people say, your doing this for you not for them!

if you feel your will power slipping, reach for the good old water!
wow! I'm blown away by everyones encouragement and well wishing :) All I can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I'm on day 3 and I won't lie, it is very very hard, I just really really hope that my determination pulls me through cause I want to do this so much. 2 stone though means I'm gona be on this thing for a fair while yet!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH :) xxxx
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Well done on making it to Day 3 Little Miss, the first week is definately the worst so hang in there, it will all be worth it and will get easier.

Don't forget to let us know about your first weigh in!!

Hey little miss - im only on day 6 sa were both on the starting blocks - feel free to email me if you ever need a kindred spirit :D:D

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