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Newby on the block

Hey everyone!!

I just wanted to start by introducing myself to- im jo (obviously) and i am a new member of the WeMITT's lol....

I am 5 foot 2 and I currently weight 19 stone something, although i dont know for sure as my floor is pretty uneven and i can range between 2lbs and 10 lbs depending on where abouts i put the scales.

Planning to start weight watchers this week, am not sure whether to do the online one or the meeting one.

All i know is i got a HELL of a lot of weight to loose (10 stone) and i really need support.

Any general advice/bollockins are always welcome. Im sure you'll hear a lot more from me over the next few months, as once i start posting on a forum i tend to get a bit carried away as it helps pass the boredom at work :D

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Hey there and welcome on board :D:D

You can so do this... break it down into stones and it will feel easier :D

Welcome again and if you need any help just shout

Gen xx
Welcome to Minimins :)

Ive been doing WW since Jan 07 and dont go to classes but that doesnt suit everyone obviously. Might be worth joining a class at least to start with to get all the books etc and get to grips with the diet then you can take it from there :)

Hope youll join us on the WW section

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I have over 10 st to lose and started a WW class and have lost over a stone so far. But there is no reason why you need a class if you have the motivation to go it alone. I don't.

Good luck

Irene xx
I will pop over and have a look in a moment.

Im really not sure whether i fancy the meetings as i would be so nervous about being the biggest one there?

I guess i should really post this in the ww forum :)

Starlight, your weight loss is incredible. You are just the sort of person i WILL be soon.

And thanks for all the comments ladies, will go over to WW forum now to get some advice



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I am the biggest at our meeting and everyone is so lovely and encouraging. I have never felt awkward or uneasy. The worst bit is getting over the step the first time. Took me 3 weeks to get to the 1st meeting

Irene xx


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Well done on taking the first step to the new you! I'd go to meetings if I were you, you meet some great people and pick up some useful tips. Seeing the same old faces every week definitely keeps me on track, and our leader is absolutely brilliant.
Hi there and well done on taking that first step. I have loads still to lose too, but its a long haul, and I'm realistic with myself these days. Once you start to see the needle move down on the scales, you will feel amazing :)


going to do it this time!
Goood luck!! i did weight watchers once && i found the weight losses were never very much for me.. weather as cambridge (that i'm on now) is great.. losses of 7-8-9 lb a week!! :D good luck!! x
Hi Jo I wish you all the best with your weight loss journey. Im not doing weight watchers but do go to classes and find them really helpful - just meeting others in the same situation and the encouragment is great. I also find that having somebody else weighing me helps to keep me on track but its what suits you and I do sometimes struggle to fit them in every week. Ive got alot to lose aswell and did find the first class daunting I understand how you feel. Once that first class is over it gets alot easier or have you thought about going along with a friend or something. The other thing I did was contact the class leader beforehand so she knew I was going to turn up. With regards to having alot to lose I find its easier if I think of it in terms of one stone at a time breaking it down into managable pieces it somehow doesnt seem so daunting. Anyway all the best and looking forward to keeping up with how you're getting on xx
welcome to mini's and all the best with WW. there is lots of inspirational people on here that have buckets of advice and were all here to support you. As already said it might be a good idea to join at least then you know you go every week to get weighed etc.

becky xx

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