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newby, please help


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I will be skinny again!!!

This seems to be a common occurance on week 3

Think of the frame of mind you were in when you began LT and get that feeling back..

Think of the reasons your doing this and think of how you will look and feel when you reach goal!

make yourself a nice strong black coffee, pamper yourself?

Check out some online clothes shops and find an outfit that you want to fit into at goal!

You can do it, hang in there xxxx


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thank you, good idea about the clothes browsing, I will get onto it now
x :D


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Acom

Yes, this seems to be the norm for a lot of people. I had a little blip in my 3rd week...and to tell you the truth it wasnt nice and I didnt enjoy the horrid feelings of total failure.

Just think how you are feeling now and how much weight you have lost to date! You keep going as you are and that will just about double in another 4 weeks...if you go and binge, well, you could be back to square one. NOt that you will put masses of weight on, BUT, this could be the slippery slope for you and you could end up just giving up LT..now, that would be sad and a waste of your effort the past few weeks.

Like Chelly said, think of the reasons why you are doing LT? What drove you to LT in the first place? You must have thought about it and knew it was quite a difficult diet with no food whatsoever......just think, if you carry on and be 100% committed, you will be at your goal in no time at all.

All that Chelly has mentioned will help you.....but just try and be positive and also remember food isnt out of your life forever. Think of this time as a food holiday and enjoy not having to worry about what to eat.

I do hope you dont give in and you really remain strong. The feelings of getting fit/healthy and thinner is next to none and it makes up for the weeks of not eating!!!!

Also, look at other people's tickers and see how much they have lost...it can be done! Plus, look at the inspirational slide show! Truely inspirational and that could be you soon.

Take care


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Excellent thanks,
you are both saying what I needed to hear, I haven't eaten anything, my hubby has been a fantastic support.


Life is not a Rehersal!
Good to hear! My hubby is a great support too, and I think that is so important...mine calls me his skinny woman and every time he cuddles me now says I am disappearing..he congratulates me every day....it is so nice.

You will get there,,,I think the fact you have said it out right that you were struggling.....accountablility is so important. There have been many times I have posted as I have been really upset and told the forum and to be sent a barrage of good wishes, etc...it just makes you want to go on.

We are all in the same boat, just at different stages of our LT journey. Those who are further on, can remember how it felt at the beginning and the newbies are able to understand exactly what you are going through...just take all the advice, etc you can get.

I am pleased for you, and you will waken up tomorrow feeling rather smug with yourself that you havent given in.....and your next WI will be a good one and you will be willing for the next one and the next one.

Have a good evening!!!
Hi, great that you have such lovely support - as the girls say it does seem to be quite common on week 3 to feel like having a blip.

Think of your total weight loss so far... think of what you can achieve. It really can be done! I mean, look at your ticker and your fab result so far, that is really impressive, you are over a third of your way to goal :):) keep going and you can get there!


Positivity is the key
Hi Acom,
hope you are feeling better today and the feelings have passed. You have had great advice on here already so all I will do is offer my support and best wishes for the rest of the week. Well done on your weight loss to date, imagine you are a third of the way there, that's fantastic, well done.


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Yep, I got through the day without surcoming to temptation!!!!!
thanks to you guys


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I feel very pleased with myself for resisting, and 'in control' of my stomach, this is an unusual feeling - I like it !!
well, get used to it :) it can happen a LOT on LT!!

really well done for not giving in... just keep going...


Life is not a Rehersal!
I feel very pleased with myself for resisting, and 'in control' of my stomach, this is an unusual feeling - I like it !!
Awwww...I am so pleased for you and very proud of you too :)!!!!!

So, next time you feel like that, remember to jump on here..there is always someone here to help.

Have a great wek


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well done you for resisting. I bet you are so glad you did now. When I got to week 3 I didnt know about this site. I remember going to the chemist and saying I can't do this any more and she reminded me how I felt at the beginning and how well I had done, and to stick it out for 1 more week. Im so glad I did because I never looked back. This diet is the best. The people on here are too, the support you received when you posted your feelings is very good in helping you through the low points. Stay strong. :)


Here we go again!
Well done for not giving in! What is it about week 3 and this diet cos I felt the same that week too!!

Stick with it cos it really is worth it. You've done so well so keep up the good work and you will be at goal in no time!


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Welcome from me too, i find that going through clothes really helps to discover outfits that havnt fitted for some time and actually discovering clothes other than jeans, t shirts and trackie bottoms!!! also a bit of online shopping helps!!!!!:rolleyes:

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