Next November I am going back to Disney


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Well title says it all really between 25th Nov 07- 09th Dec 07 we are going to disney.
The most exciting thing of all will be having to buy a whole new wardrobe hopefully in size twelves.
I should also be able to wear skirts without thighs rubbing so bring on the little summer dresses. I can also go on all the kiddy rides like winnie the pooh that I was scared to try last time due to being larger
Hi Bellybee,

Having something like a big holiday is a wonderful incentive to lose that weight and get into a size 12...

I have always been scared of flying!

Getting stuck in one of those small toilets:(

I wish I could get over it as it is very limiting.

Love Mini xxx
im scared of flying too Mini (hence not going abroad in nearly 20 years!)...but im going in 14 days (already wondering about getting some horse tranquelisers!)
might book an other fear though is being caught with drugs on me for the flight home and getting banged up in some hell
Awww bless you all. I wish I was coming to Florida with you :)

My eldest was 13 when we went to Florida & petrified of flying. He got on the plane and sat there gripping the seat for grim death. The lovely male (gay) steward came along and saw how scared he was and said to him not to worry as he had a nice surprise for scared kids!

As soon as we were up in the air he came back and asked if he could borrow both the kids as they were 'needed up front' - winking at me and their Dad. We said they could go and they were returned to us about 30 minutes later having been in the cockpit with the pilot! :D

So sad that bloody terrorist activity has put paid to anything like that happening now. The kids loved it and on the way back, Rhys was one of the first on the plane!

JFC, don't panic about medication. If it is prescribed by your GP you can get them to write a letter for the Customs people saying that you need the medication.

I had to as I am on some drugs that the US is a bit iffy about and it was fine. We just went through the good to declare bit and showed them the letter & the medication. I think we actually got through quicker too!!!! :D
Hi lisa, we are going to florida this year exactly the same date 25th november -9th november, i only started cd on the 30th sep, wish i had started sooner, just hoping to be quite a few stone down before then, it would be really great if the seat belt fitted on the plane, and to get on the rides with out thinking 'can i fit'. You will have a great slim time well done so far lol x
Wow what a coincidence!:eek: Pebble

We are off to Florida for the 2nd time this year on the 24th November to the 8th December.

The thing is I think Florida is addictive and this will be our 11th time since we first went in September 2000.

Obviously my 16 year old son loves the Theme parks but there is so much more to do as well. I am not averse to a bit of retail therapy LOL but I just like the easy going life out there.