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nibbling my way thru the queasy!

Gooood morning! i'm finally getting the opportunity to start this thing. and i'm really pleased about it. I guess there isnt a better place or time to start than now...sooooo,

I started the CD yesterday. i woke up, grabbed the 2L water, and started sipping away until breakfast, the first chake being choc mint. ((surprisingly nice!))

I spent lunchtime in Llandudno with the MIL, so i took a choc brik with me. Very nice! thick texture! yum. And by the time dinner rolled around, i was ready fro something savoury...Vegetable. it was ok. i could drink it again...but not everyday. i found it a bit grainy, even after i added 13 ounces of hot water! i tried my best to have the last drink, the latest i could bare. ((i usually stay up til 11 or midnite so i knew i'd be hungry again)). but i did ok. the water will take some getting used to. i am a total water drinker as it is, but wow, you never would think 4L would be difficult.

This morning, my baby dude woke up for a feed at 5am, so on the way downstairs to sort that out, i popped on the scales...woot! down 4lbs. :D ((oh, and btw i bought a new scale yesterday while i was out...the CDC's scale she brought over was a tad off... so i've adjusted my ticker...))

OOPS! I lie. i'll have to adjust it later. didn't realize the time...gotta get the little one ready for playgroup.
:bliss:eek:ooOo and nearly forgot! shake time!
will enter more later.
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ooOOo and good morning, Morph! i've been reading your diary, hope you are feeling alrighty on your day 3! will type more later! i'm late! (((i'm always late))

Hi and welcome to diary land!! Itys a great way to start, hopefully day 2 is going ok for you.

I loved choc mint, its great hot too!
day 2....

first of all, thanks everyone for the support and welcomes, etc.

spicy tomato was a hit. yum.

well, i'm having a really really hard time today...and only day 2!! im embarrassed. i think yesterday was easier because i was out of the house...today, ive been in, not doing much besides looking after the baby. i do have plenty of things to do here at home...i should probably put Fynn in the baby pen and do something else because i'm reallly finding it tough NOT to be eating right now. Yes, i'm an emotion and boredom eater, thru and thru. i hope this gets easier....

....only drink!!!....
Hi Dis,

Sorry only just got to the PC - worked late and then found out that they are delivering the new sofa 2moz and we had to start trying to clear everything out.

Well done on starting your diary.

Don't feel embarassed about struggling. I find that the weekdays are far easier than the weekends because I have the structure of work to keep me going. So, I can imagine if you are home on your own that it would be hard. Did you get through it OK? You prob need some distraction techniques to get you through times like today. Mmm, how about doing 20 sit ups when you get the urge or star jumps? You might look like a mad person, but it might help to change your train of thought?

Also drinking does help fill you up.

I'm home tomorrow on a study day (and sofa awaiting) and so I'll try and update again. I've got to go to bed now as so uncomfortable. Am sat on the floor as the sofas are now in our next door neighbours house, so got to go to bed for a slight bit of comfort!

Anyway, hope that you got through today in the end. When you jump on your scales n the morning, you will be soooooo pleased that you stayed strong (hopefully) and will reep the rewards. Tomorrow is a new day and a day nearer Ketosis!!

Chat soon xxx
An Ending To Day 2

Well Well Welll....I have made it through today! it was difficult, yes. ((but i didnt expect this to be easy)). I've had a thumping headache all day but i heard this could possibly happen in the early days. Plus, i'm absolutely shattered...((must go to bed early tonight!))

This afternoon, i managed to fight my boredom. soooo i got down on the floor to fynn's level and played for a while...then after putting baby dude down for a nap, i went outside and took advantage of it not raining and did a bit of gardening and weed pulling. that took up a couple hours, and i didnt even think of my hunger. the key for me is to stay out of the kitchen and stay busy! seems to have worked so far. ;)

I finished the night with Strawberry and its another thumbs up. ((so far, all are alright...but toffee/walnut is the best...more to try before final decision). Oh, and as i type i'm trying to neck a small, black coffee with splenda tablets. i dont think i've ever had it without cream/milk! Its alright. but i wonder if i would like it like this if i didnt Have to drink it this way? hmmm

Well, on that note, i should really end this. must finish the water bottle plus the coffee and get to bed, i'm asbo-lutely ready for it...


Come onnnnn, Ketosis! I'm more than ready for it!!
Well done mate on getting through Day 2!!! It's all about learning how to deal with it and these mini battles will help you to gain strength to say no the next time. So bloody WELL DONE!!!

Can't wait to hear how you got on, on the scales!!! Will check regularly.

BTW, I've heard that the coffee shake is a good drink - not sure if they mix it wth real coffee, but might be an idea if you are missing xxx
DAY 3...Feeling Great This Morning!

Hello Hello! Day 3 has arrived. Its just about 9am and i am just about to have breakfast. a bit of bacon side of eggs and toast. yum. All whirrled and whizzed up in liquid form, and surprisingly, it will taste just like Toffee & Walnut! LOL

I'm feeling really good so far. much better than yesterday.... i know it may be premature to say seeing as the day has only just begun. I've been sorting out a few things to do today to get me out of the house. I do have a few errands to run so that will help.

Where i live, there are loads hills/little mountains and fields with loads of trails to trample on...so i'm never short nice places to walk. i hate cliches but, where theres a will, theres a way... right?

must stay positive...
wow i cant get over how much better i feel today...
Thats brilliant Dis, WELL DONE!!!

And sorry to get all poetic, but I think that those hills can be your metaphor, that each day you are climbing however gradual a pace that you take it, could represent your journey to slimdom. Yesterday you were on a steep bit and today, you are a bit stronger and so it's getting easier - and soon you will be on the top!

Right, now I know I'm in Ketosis cos I'm talking [email protected]!!!
Brilliant weight loss! Stick to it and you'll wizz through that 78lb! Well done and the water drinking really is key to good weight losses.

Thank you so very much for then encouragement, Flirty! I'm hoping they just melt away as wellL!

((i, too, cannot wait to be a size 12...i cant remember when i was a size 12 last...hmm.....i'm thinking i was about 18...and i'm 31 now :eek:)) it will be well overdue!!
Thats brilliant Dis, WELL DONE!!!

And sorry to get all poetic, but I think that those hills can be your metaphor, that each day you are climbing however gradual a pace that you take it, could represent your journey to slimdom. Yesterday you were on a steep bit and today, you are a bit stronger and so it's getting easier - and soon you will be on the top!

Right, now I know I'm in Ketosis cos I'm talking [email protected]!!!

hun, you can talk all the ketosis crap that you want or need to! hahaha.

its all positive encouragement. :)


jelly belly
hi dis

looks like you are having a great start on cd
keep up the good work
Day 3 over! Bring on day 4!

ok so i dont have much patience to write much tonight ...ive stayed up too late and i think i'm getting crazy antsy legs!! need to be horizontal and head on pillow...

righty, long story short. i did very well today, felt so much better. i did have urges when i was making dinner for the baby and hubby....but i got them out of the way and sorted myself out...all was fine.

ok, will type more later..!!!

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