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Puffed wheat.....discovered it thanks to the site, and for a HEXB its just like sugar puffs mmmmmm, does anyone else get them? 28g gives you loadsssss, Id love to know what they were for 28g sinned if anyone knows?

Also last night we had baked bean lasagne, it was suprisingly amazing, for tea tonight we had Beanfeast bolognase, another amazing meal, SW aint so bad sometimes.
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it just gets better !!!


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can anyone please help? has anyone got any old or un used slimming world books they dont need or use anymore, im on a free diet plan on the sw website and i cant afford to join yet or buy any off ebay?i really dont know what the hell im doing and to be honest im not liking the free diet trial on the sw website.

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I used to eat puffed wheat all the time in a casserole dish, as 28oz was a huge portion!!!
I used to sprinkle sweetner over mine to give it that "Sugar Puff" taste.
Cant eat that portion size now, but love them!!!!!


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I love puffed wheat and you get loads. xxx
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oooh puffed wheat sound almost yummy does it taste like sugar puffs ??

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Yeah its great, does anyone know its syns value for 28g? I asked in correct thread but nobody seems to know lol