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Niggly Question...


*Strawberries / bananas / apple - all free
*Potatoes / leeks / onion - all free (on green)

....Get the blender out.....

Smoothies are not free as it takes less effort to "eat" the fruit if it is wizzed up, therefore... why is leek and potato soup still free?

I obviously have too much spare time on my hands today......

Thoughts are welcome, then hopefully I can erase this from my mind or I'll never sleep tonight. Hehe.

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Thanks Irene, I've just eaten a bowl of homemade veg soup and it occured to me I've probably "eaten" the equivilant of 2 potatos, few carrots, a leek and a parsnip in one bowl full.

I'm thinking it's probably something to do with the fruit having more natural sugar in?
Am I glad I read this thread!! I had no idea that if you made your own smoothies they weren't free if all you used was free fruit...is this right?? If so can you make your own veggie soup and blend the veggies?
My brain is too tired to even try and think why hun.....just is free lol.
Hope you are ok
Ruthy xxx
Topper 78 - smoothies are not free on SW (even with all the fruit being free), you can sit and eat 10 apples if you like, but you cannot put the same 10 apples into a blender and then drink it. Ask your consultant about it (it seems to come up every other week in my class, hehe). Also... you can have sliced banana on a piece of toast, but you can't have mashed banana, this seems more alien to me as surely you just mash up the banana when you eat the slices anyway.

I'm rambling on now, I'm going to clear my find of soup / smoothies etc as I am slowly going nuts!!

Night xxx
ive gone to lala land- this thread has spun me out,



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I think with soup you add water to a mix of chopped up veggies but a smoothie blends them. When you change the consistency of fruit it's properties change therefore making them not-free.
Anyone got any ideas on this one yet? I've just finished off my soup and it's still bugging me!!
dont worry about your soup hun only the fruit smoothies!
Your scaring me now lol


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Find these on the web hope they help

Smoothies range in calorie density from around 42 to an amazing 300 kcal per 100g, depending on how much sugar and fat is put in them. Making a smoothie disrupts all of the satiety-promoting fibre contained in the fruit.

Satiety describes the lasting effects of satiation, in other words, foods with a high satiety are those foods that stave off hunger for the longest.

By eating the foods that satisfy hunger more quickly and for longer, you can eat until you’re full and dramatically reduce your calorie intake:
  • Your appetite is more than satisfied at the time of eating, so you want to stop earlier – (you could even find you’re leaving food on your plate until you get used to serving yourself with less.)
  • The duration of satisfaction until the next mealtime is much greater. This means you go to the next meal without any urgent feelings of hunger. That results in you wanting and needing even less food, in order to feel comfortably full.
Dr Jacquie Lavin, nutritionist with Slimming World, said 'For weight loss, we recommend eating the whole fruit because it is a lot more satisfying for the appetite.'


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Thanks Bumpy0 that's what I was going for but I don't do sciencey stuff!
Bumpy0 that was on the tip of my tongue pmsl! lol
Ruthy xxx
Bumpy that is great thanks..... I want to let it lie but I can't.

I understand why smoothies are not free, thats fine.

What I don't understand is (following the smoohie theory) why is blended soup free?

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