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Night Shift Weight Shifters!

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Hello everyone :)

I was having a wee browse through the teams trying to find one for night shift workers, and couldn't see one, so I thought I would start one!


I was having a discussion with some of the girls I work with last night (one is following weight watchers and the other is just trying to eat a bit more healthily) and they were saying they're convinced working nights makes it harder to lose weight. Not sure how much I believe this as I've always had erratic eating times and it's never seemed to really affect my loss with SW, but now the winters coming in and us night owls don't see much sunshine it does make you crave all the comfort food you can eat (well, it does me anyway! :p) so I thought a wee bit of extra support couldn't go amiss! I also do find it harder to cook meals from scratch, especially as my OH works days but his hours aren't set. it can be a real challenge at times!!

So anyone want to join me here at all hours of the night?! Hope so!! ^.^ xx
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Hi can I join you? I too work nights and am following the SW plan sometimes I have good weeks and sometimes I have bad weeks but I am on a journey with a lovely ending and if it takes me a little while to arrive there I have longer to look forward to the end result. Do you work in the health care setting?
S: 12st0lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey Zilla!

of course you can! yay we are two! :D I have just started my journey, first WI tomorrow, nervous/excited...and really sadly enough can't wait to change my tickers hahaha! I love the way you expressed your journey :) there are so many inspirational people on this site!

My little sister works in health care, she's just qualified as a staff nurse, but unfortunately I am not in such a noble profession...I work in a casino, so mostly nights, but some days as well. what about yourself? xx


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I work as a clinical support worker on a busy ward. My nights out are spent playing poker at the local casino. :8855: Never put yorself down for the job that you do or think that other people are better than you due to the job that they do and if you want examples of this look at the arse holes that are running this country. The politicians are using our money to ruin this country NO way are they better than an honest person doing an honest days work for an honest days pay. Ok rant over:8855:

The SW plan I think is really good because you can adapt sooooo many recipes. Have to go for now as just about to leave for work but will check if you've posted when I get up tomorrow afternoon.

Good luck with SW and welcome on the journey to a lighter you. :bighug:

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hi would love to join this group.

i work 3 nights a week. soon off to work!!

I do find it hard but some of that is down to plannign and some is down to me just being a pig. i have had a really bad few weeks and dread wi so have not . i know i have put on.

wish I had some will power and could actually stick to a diet.

Am on holiday next week but then hope to join sw for some help.

Teresa x


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S: 16st8.5lb C: 16st1lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st7.5lb(3.23%)
Well as you can see from my weekly weight record I too have had a few bad weeks this being one of them just seem to have lost focus but am positive it will return Tuesday morning when I attempt to stay 100% on track until WI the following thu, missing this one as not been good and know it will be a gain. Some people will say I should still go but as I am in work later that night I will grab the extra sleep thanks very much and go the week after and if I have gained then I will face the music brush it off and start again.

I need to get back to planning the weeks meals because that is what I did at the start and as you can see from the losses it worked well. Am off after tonight until thu night so will spend some time planning the next two weeks menus and follow them daily.

Just got a slow cooker the other day so may do a liver and bacon casserole, yummy. :D

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hehehe good point well put zilla, I do love my job, think you just start to feel it's a bit soulless after most of your customers tell you it is haha! oooooo a slow cooker!! mine is collecting dust atm...I reeally need to get some good recipes for freezable goodies!

welcome to the group slim!!! :D what do you do yourself? xx
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Sorry Teresa, I was on and off here so quick the other night I just noticed you're joining SW next week! Well done you :) I guarantee you will LOVE the plans, don't beat on yourself about having no willpower, I think everyone on here has started/stopped lots of times, you just gotta keep thinking "this is where I lose it all for the last time" - sw promotes changing your eating for life, no deprivation ever, just choice. It's so lovely to not have to sit and count every morsel that passes your mouth!! you can totally be a pig on this diet and still lose weight, but love yourself honey, you're doing an amazingly hard thing not ignoring the weight and actually deciding to do something pro-active to change it! thousands don't! But you got us for support if you are ever feeling a bit blue :bighug:
Good luck for your first group and WI, keep us updated!

Zilla, I think that it might be better to miss it this once...if you stay totally on track this week then you never know, it might be a loss and you'll never know the damage! I do the plan from home cos I just couldn't make it to a class, but I would have chosen the sleep as well :p

S: 12st0lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Heya guys!

Been on holiday the past 2 weeks so been quite offplan, but just wanted to add this to the thread, some of the others were talking about this blog so I had a look and it it AMAZING! Slimming Eats - Slimming World Recipes I honestly think it is the best recipes collection I have seen for SW :) hope it helps with some inspiration!!


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