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Nightmare situation.

I can't believe it.
Im only 5 days in to my cd plan.
My oh ( who is only 10 stone) has decided he wants to gain 2 stone before we go on holiday.
In order to do this he is eating cooked breakfasts, fattening lunches, big roast dinners, take aways, chocolate.... everything i love :(
Thing is I know im not mentally strong enough (yet) to watch him eating so much without gorbing it with him.
To be fair to him he has said he'll get up earlier and have his breakfast before i get up, buy lunch from chip van and eat it in the car etc.
Obviously i can't expect him to do this for 12 weeks but where the monkeys can i find the will power to not let this bother me?
Im being so selfish by thinking that my loss is more important than his gain, but i can't help it.

Another annoying note to add, he thinks what he is doing is hard work!!!??

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I'd imagine a high fat diet isnt the best way for him to gain weight though unless he wants a big belly, man boobs and a heart attack, believe me I know all about the first 2. Get him to eat loads of healthy but high calorie food, do some weights to gain muscle mass he'll gain loads of weight in the right places, and as we all know fatty/high sugar foods are near impossible to kick once youve got a taste. In turn you wont have all the obvious craving foods in your face.
yes tell him he will get moobs!! man boobs if he eats it all i bet he will stop then!!! lol
Badger is right, he is choosing the most unhealthiest of ways in which to gain weight, I'm sure he would prefer more muscle instead of flab..

As for finding the where withall to resist what others are eating?
There will always be temptation, you need to get a list of reasons why you are doing it.... and make the incentives so powerful that you simply don't want to eat the foods that will keep you fat and unhappy!
You can do it!!!
Good luck!



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
The other option is to Kill Him!!!

Seriously though, this must be really hard for you. I agree with everyones advice though, as what he is eating is heart attack material. He should see a specialist who can advise on the most sensible route to go on.

Good luck x
I agree with everyone else, that is not a healthy way at all to gain weight. If he wants to gain weight as in muscle, he needs lots of protein and weights...

I know it must be so hard for you to watch, but reading that list of food hes having made me feel a little ill. Try and imagine how unhealthy all that lot is, you don't really want to be putting it into your body do you? Try and imagine it in terms of exactly what it is - lumps of sugar and fat.

Any less appealing now? (sorry I'm trying lol)
Sorry, have just read my above post and it sounds very preachy...

Didn't mean it to sound patronising, obviously I once ate all that stuff (otherwise I wouldn't be here). All I meant was think how good you are doing whilst sticking to the diet, and how much good you are doing to your body.

How long have you been SSing for? I found for the first couple of weeks I was craving all that food, but I'm not about to finish my 4th week and am starting to crave a healthy diet rather than one filled with the cr*p I used to eat.

Imagine how much your body is thanking you with all the water & vitamins/minerals you are giving it. And ofcourse the weight you are successfully shedding!
thanks everybody!
I think he knows as well as anyone else that his methods aren't the healthiest. But he is concerned with gaining weight at a similar rate to which im losing it ( we're going on hols together)
And tbh he's not that concerned with man boobs or anything just yet as he does look too thin for his height , id say he needs a good 2 stone on him to even look average!
I think his plan is to gain weight then tone up then gain then tone. He's been down the local gym and was given a diet plan ( that he has adapted...obviously) lol
Anyway if im honest I don't think im that concerned about his health, im just jealous! lol
As for me .. im just going to plod along with my cd plan and beat him to it :p
As annoying as it is, i must admit it's added a little bit of healthy competition now!
im 5 days in and hes not starting until 1st june ( he says its to give me a head start coz i'll need it, but i know its because thats when he's giving up smoking and he wants to do both together)
cheers u lot! x
Lol, I crave crispy lettuce......is that normal????? xxx
Miss mallow, I've been on the plan 3 weeks and a day and only yesterday could I bear to watch people eat! Try and have lots of baths at mealtimes or disappear somewhere with a book and you'll be fine x
Has he thought about having protein shakes to help him bulk up rather than fatty foods?
You could support each other by having shakes together? They would surely help him gain heathy weight rather then just fat?
Keep stong on your own journey, the first week is hard, but does get easier, I promise.
Having a goal - your holiday - really helps in keeping you on track. Just think how great you'll feel in your holiday clothes if you manage to drop a couple of sizes. :)

Good luck - you can do it! x
"Get thee to the chippy"

I think the silly man should have waited until he went on holiday and then done his gorging bit.

Are you sure he's not (unconsciously) trying to sabotage you? Men are funny creatures when it comes to their 'cuddley' girls losing weight.

Even if he does have his fried-heart- attack-on-a-plate early in the morning, doesn't he realise that you'll still smell it, see the left overs in the bin and the goody-stocked fridge? Not exactly supportive.

I think you need to tell him "Get thee to the chippy" a couple of times a day and tell him not to come home again until after he's washed his teeth and chewed some gum.

Hang in there.
my partner has been eating alot better since i began CD, he often has shakes made up with semi skimmed or even full fat milk. he is having them as a meal replacement when he feels he has overdone it. maybe recommend this if he really wants to do it with you and be supportive!

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