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I haven't had a nimble bread for a good few years, but when I did have it, it didn't toast very well (much like ww bread really). It might be different these days though, it was sooo long ago when I had it.

I like my 50/50 crustless so I'll be sticking to that :)
Is 50/50 just half a point per slice?
Oh really good good cos i bought some today gonna hav it with an egg white omlet in the morning, going low on points tomorro hav a lot of boozing tomorro nite;)

Only thing is i worked the points out to be 1 per slice am i going mad or wat!!!:eek:
Nope, I just looked it up on the online planner.
its half a point! How does that work then?!!!
Is it wholemeal (as I dont like white bread!)
I just had it, its soooo much nice than WW burnt toast lol
it looks like white bread with bits of brown in it! Tastes like a mix of brown and white bread, ill def be changin to it
You should give it a try
Yeah thats the same one, it dosent really toast well kinda goes hard! that or im a worse cook than i thought lol
Oh yummy curly toast lol
give 50/50 a try its more like ''real'' bread

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