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No Bathroom Action?? (TMI for sensitive types!)

Haha sorry about the direct thread name!

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm on 20 discover points a day, but tend to use no more than 17 so I can ensure I'm point-prepared on sudden nights out.

However this week (my weigh-ins are on Wednesdays), since Wednesday I haven't had to use my full 20 yet on any day, and haven't needed the loo (in the secondary sense!)

I don't think I actually feel constipated, I don't feel like I need to go but can't. Could it possibly be my body is using everything it's getting? So there is no actual waste? Or at least very little waste, and therefore it's taken more than 5 days ?

I don't eat much meat as I'm not a massive fan, so my meals can be very carb centralised. Breakfast is porridge and lunch is sandwich/pasta/pitta etc. Dinner then always has a carb portion (nothing massive).

Sorry if this is all too much information, but I don't know if I should try and take something to help me go (I'm worried I won't go at all until after my next weigh in and will not notice a loss because of this!) or just wait and see??

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sometimes this happens to me but then all of sudden the action is very fulsome if you know what I mean! so go with and make sure you are drinking enough water. If it went longer than 6 days I think I would take something mild to help things along. Take care
one of the healthy life guidelines from ww is to have fibres (fruit and veg, 5 portions a day minimum and 1 portions of wholemeal carbs per day). Also, you should have at least 2 tsp of extra virgin olive oil per day in your meals and 2 portions of dairy products. From what you say I can see hardly any of those that you've used (only the porridge in the morning, wholemeal carbs) and this can be dangerous for your health and can be the reason why you dont go. Propoints from this point of view is much better, have you thought of switching for a while?
i watched a tv programme on eating dairy and losing fat,,so i started eating cheese,,have about 30grms a day and i find it has made a big difference in'going',,i'm addicted to goats cheese and my tummy is a lot happier too:)
Try taking a magnesium supplement. I have ibs n can't poo without taking at least 600mg a day. The recommendation is generally 300mg. I buy tesco's own brand which is about £2. Magnesium is also supposed to regulate hormones...... I personally don't need my hormones balancing - honest!
I had this happen when I went back to counting points after a long time away. Compared with my diet beforehand I was having much less fat and it was probably a bit too low. I made sure I had more wholegrains (wholemeal bread and cereal, brown rice) and upped the fat intake slightly, using measured amounts of olive oil rather than oil spray for cooking. It solved the problem. If you increase the fibre have a bit more water too.
Thanks for all the advice! Didn't need to take anything special in the end but i knows it not healthy to not go for that long.

I do get a good amount of dairy everyday and I'm mostly a veggie so I get my 5 a day (4 veg 1 glass of juice) I just didn't mention it before because I was out lining the high carbs. Will really struggle to add olive oil instead of the spray because I use the points for solid foods. But maybe I can shift a few things around...

Thanks again for all the advice!
you can also try a tablet called probio 7 advanced formula. I have done a course of the one with 4 million of bacteria and it has worked quite nicely allowing me to go once every couple of days. But today I started taking the one with 10 million bacteria and *OH MY DEAR GOD* I have gone 3 times and once luckily I found a bar open with a toilet or it would have been nasty!!!! (I know, TMI again) the shop assistant must have thought I looked green!

AND I have ALWAYS have had problems. You can buy it in Holland and Barrets. They're a bit costy, but they do work... Jeez ;)
Omg! I get so nervous about taking anything other than specific food for it in case it works a little *too* well!

Maybe keep with the lower level bacteria one?!
I will try it for a few extra days and see how it goes, if I can't keep doing it I'll get the lower bacteria and maybe have these for a nice week end cleanse :)

They sell the lower bacteria ones even in Boots, so there's plenty of choice for you!

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