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  1. katkarg

    katkarg Full Member

    I am on day 5 and have been trying to contact my CDC for 2 days as I have 3 vegetable sachets and I dont like them so want to swap them, had to add half small tin of tuna to last one to try make it palatable. Also she dosnt stock a couple of the lactose free flavours and I would like to get them (choc orange and leek and potato) if I manage to get hold of her today will she get them in time for my WI in 2 days. Weighed myself this morn have only lost 2lbs thats not very good is it??
    "Counsellors must be willing to supply the
    complete range of Cambridge Diet products.
    Counsellors should offer a selection of mixed
    sachets unless a full carton of a single flavour is
    requested by the customer."
    Have seen on Code of Contact that she should have contacted me on day 2 or 3 anyway!!!
    "Counsellors should arrange a courtesy telephone
    call or personal meeting on day two or three of
    the weight loss phase."
    Also she did not take any measurements only height and weight and no before photo.
    And only got one of the booklets:
    "Counsellors must supply a copy of the “Weight
    Care with Cambridge” booklet (MED001) to every
    customer. A copy of “The Cambridge Sole Source
    Programme” (MED002) must also be supplied to
    all customers undertaking this programme."
    I am dissapointed because I do like her...
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  3. amethyst

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    There are a few thing's you could do, if she has a message for her phone then leave her a message and state you are so dissapointed about the pack's etc please could you contact me soon or i am going to have to find someone else which i don't want to do as i really like you :)

    If that fail's then i would just find someone else..
  4. katkarg

    katkarg Full Member

    I left 2 voice messages yesterday and 1 this morning. I am also preparing an email to send. :(
  5. Ribenaberry

    Ribenaberry Full Member

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    I have to say that I am not that happy with my CDC either.

    She never has everything in stock. The number of times I have had to give the tetras a miss because she doesnt have any left, and she only ever stock two choices of bars (peanut and chocolate). Makes it quite inconvinient as I need the tetras for lunch at work.

    She never measured me or took my photo when I started. My husband did it for me.

    I do like her, I just think she doesnt live up to what a CDC should be like.

    I just look at it that she is there to give me the products and I get the support from my friends/family. Unfortunately, she is the only one near where I live.
  6. katkarg

    katkarg Full Member

    I have emailed her an advance order of sachets I want including the ones she dosnt stock and will see what happens, have also mentioned that I would like her to do waist measurements and photo at wk1 WI. I need to go and swap my veg sachets by tomorrow night otherwise I wont have anything to eat on Thurs!!!!!
    We have taken a before photo at home as well but as my CDC I would like her to do all the things she should be doing!
    There are a few other CDCs near me but her location is the most convenient and she was really nice... This is her second job so I understand she is not available all of the time but she should have returned my calls from yesterday and she should have contacted me after 2/3 days anyway according to COC and if she had this issue would have been resolved.
    Sorry I am having a rant. I was under the impression that the CDC was to be more than a shopfront supplier of the product.
  7. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    Hope you get it sorted out. there is nothing as bad as when you have packs you dont like. In my 1st few weeks until i got to know what i like i just let my cdc know the week before and she had them. now she knows to keep a stock of tetra's for me!!!!
  8. corioboria

    corioboria Cambridge Counsellor

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    That seems really sad. I've decided to train as a Counsellor and the reason I want to do it is so that I can support people through something which has been truly life-changing for me.

    I accept that I am going to have to spend time with people. I think the weighing, measuring & photos are so inspirational - I don't know why a CDC wouldn't do them. And I accept the financial burden of stocking all the flavours

    I suppose some people just do it to make money, but as I see it, if I keep the customers satisfied then I'll get pleny of referrals. Makes sense to me...
  9. katkarg

    katkarg Full Member

    I seem to have overreacted somewhat I got hold of her yesterday she had been away for the weekend! Said I could go straight round and swap the soups. When I got there she weighed me (lost 5 lbs!!!) measured me and gave me a few ketostix. And as chance would have it somebody who is lactose intolerant has just joined her so she has ordered the flavours I wanted to try anyway. My WI is on Thurs so hopefully another 2 lbs gone by then. So I apologise for my overreaction my CDC seems fine now. (Even though she didnt measure me or stock all flavours initially).
  10. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    awww glad to hear it. 5lbs already is brill woohooo :) :) xxx
  11. sim94

    sim94 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Glad it all worked out. My first thought when I read your first post is that she might have gone away.

    I know when I'm away for a weekend I tend to turn off from CD and have some family time. If I'm away any longer I inform my clients.

    I also try to see new ones at a time of week so the have opportunity to change flavours they don't like, before I go.
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