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No Energy

awhh i know how you feel.. i'm on week 5 and i still have no energy. i really wanna start exercising but i get so tired doing anything. hope you feel better, just take it easy and maybe try sparkling water for your tummy x
Im gonna get up:eek:, have some water and a shake, grab a shower and make a start on my 2 boys wardrobe, thats the plan anyway lol x
Oh no :-(( Have you increased or decreased caffeine recently? I find cutting caffeine out altogether helps a lot. I gave up caffeine last year and now I drink decaf tea & coffee.
Hope you are feeling better ('',)


Silver Member
Day 26 and I feel so crappy today!
Got tummyache, tired even though I had 9 hours sleep, headache and no motivation to do anything.
Where's this extra energy Im supposed to have?:confused:
Go to bed early and sleep it off:D I felt really bad yesterday but woke up with real determination :)
I never had a lot of caffeine and only have the odd cup of tea like before. Gonna speak to the pharmacist when I go on Wednesday if no better
How're you feeling today Bev?
Pretty much the same, although I havent got up yet or had any water or a shake.
Gonna get up now and start the day. Going through the whole house slowly so should be burning some extra calories eh


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hope your energy returns soon x

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