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  1. jenp

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    Has anyone else had problems getting into ketosis. This is the end of my second week on SS+ and I am struggling to stay in ketosis. I lost 2.5lbs first week and it's probably about the same this week. I have tested with ketostix and it has gone pink, but fluctuates between no change and the lightest pink (except when my water intake has been low). I have either had 4 shakes/soups/porridge a day or 3 and one green and white meal. I weigh everything in the green and white so haven't gone over. I haven't cheated and still have to fight hunger pangs.

    Has anyone else experienced this or got any explanations or ideas where I'm going wrong? :(
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    Hi there ;-)

    I always find the best time to check with Ketostix is first thing in the morning.... if you are pink then, you will be in ketosis, and its probably just your fluid intake that's affecting the sticks later on....which is good as you want to flush the ketones out of your system. Everything else sounds fine and you are losing weight :)

    Good luck...hope someone else pops along to be of more assistance

  4. jenp

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    Thanks, yes they can be pink in the morning but not change later in the day. I have to confess I struggle to keep my water intake up, so I don't think that could be the reason.

    I am pleased to be losing, but I am starving and at a couple of lbs a week, I'm thinking I could lose that amount on weight watchers and be able to eat too.
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    Don't fall into the "could lose that on weight watchers" trap...everyone I know who does WW/SW etc (myself included in the past) counts 2.5lbs as a really really good week's weight loss because they also see a lot of weeks where they lose 0.5-1.5lb or stay the same! You rarely see anyone lose a steady 2lb a week on a conventional diet unless they are either male or have loads to lose.

    Don't give up on CD, it will work wonders if you let it :)


    p.s. not dissing anyone on WW/SW etc. :)
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    If your struddling with the hunger thats were the water intake helps, once you get used to drinking over 2 litres a day, you might find it mush easier, i know drink at least 3 a day, and no real hunger pains.
  7. sweet-like-coco

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    my ketostix only work in the morning....I think it's cos of all the water!
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