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No losing much


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I've been following SW at home, joinging a club tonight - and don't really seem to have lost much considering the amount I have to lose.

I thought the weight would have come off quicker tbh - I'm sticking to it (with just the 1 naughty meal i had) but have only lost 4 lbs.

I do mostly green days as i enjoy the pasta and potatoes more than the meat.

I'm going to try a few days with no sins at all and see if it speeds up a bit.

Is it normally a bit slow starting ?
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i have around 8 stone to lose in total and i lost 4.5 sins in my 1st week. everyones body works differently and SW say if you stick to plan 100% you should see a 1 or 2lb loss a week - anything more than that is a bonus. it depends how you do the diet.


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The recommended loss for a healthy diet is 4lb in the first week then 1-2lb per week after. I tried doing a week of very limited Syns and part way through I realised my weight had shot up. Now I always make sure I use my Syns


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Hiya firstly well done on losing 4Lbs that is fantastic. If you want to give your losses a little boost try eating a few more SS Super-Speed foods. If you look in your hand book it will show you your SS foods.
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4 lbs is great in your first week. you have to remember you didnt put on weight over night so you cant loose it overnight, keep going at it will keep coming off. well done


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Totally agree with what the others have said - but cant stress enough USE YOUR SYNS! You'll only feel deprived and then binge on something, dont deny yourself things within your syns - SW is a lifestyle change not torture remember xxx


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This thread made me think - what did I lose in my first week - and it was 4.5 lbs too!

17 weeks later and although my losses have ranged from 1 - 4.5 - my average is 2.5 ish lbs a week - which although may not sound as extreme as some other eating plans - it soon mounts up!

In addition to this - I can honestly say I've never felt hungry on SW (although of course I have craved certain foods!) and I know that with a steady weight loss - I'm not going to go all south all of a sudden!!
im on sw and i cant wait to be losing 1 or 2 lbs a week!! cause ill know im on my way to goal. and ill still be able to eat all my fav meals like chilli and spag bol etc and still be losing weight.

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