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No loss again!!???!!

Right......so I started SW 3 weeks ago, had a 41b loss first week, 1lb gain 2nd week and much to my horror I stayed the same this week!!
I have written everything down and my leader says I'm doing nothing wrong and not to get disheartened, she even told me to eat more syns and that just kept me at the same weight!
I have followed the plan religiously (there's a first in my weight loss history!!) and I am really enjoying SW.
Just can't understand why I was pretty much the only one at my class that did not lose! I am a bride- to- be and really want to shift a good stone. The only thing I am losing is my rag at the mo!!!:mad:
Brought scan bran and drinking loads of water this week in a desperate attempt to lose at least 1 little pound!!
Any tips would me gratefully recieved!!

Thanks :sigh:
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Please don't despair.
Like you I lost 4 pounds my first week and I was gutted to STS the following two weeks despite sticking to plan. My consultant said I was eating right so it was hard to understand. It did come off the following week, and I am sure it will for you too.
I have had a few STS and gains but I normally have losses after that. I am just a slow loser, and that's normal too.
You'll get there, just hang in there.
Thanks Kirstin,
I was a gymaholic for a years doing approx 4-5 excercise classes a week, but i have a busier life style now so all i do is 1/2hr walk with the dog every day then maybe 1X 1/2 hr jog and 1 excercise class at the weekend (although I could NOT get out of bed this morning after a major shopping sess in B'ham yesterday!!!).
Only just started to drink more water this week to see what happens, I get put off though because it disturbs my sleep pattern when I am dashing to the loo 3-4 times at night!!lol!
I eat between 8-10 syns per day. I know the plan works that why I am sticking with it...............will try to chill and might have better news this week x


I want to be fitter again
S: 11st8lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 0st8lb(4.94%)
Hi that is so disheartening when that happens but good on you for keeping going. I hope you have taken measurements of yourself becuase i have recently had an experience of not loosing on the scales but my clothes are getting looser and looser. Make sure the things you are eating are bulky so add lots of fresh vegetables daily rather than salads. Increase the fibre with fruit and even more vegetables. finally keep a food diary on here and every one can have a peek and see if they can tweak it at all. here's to the next week xx
well today I have had the following:

2X WW brown bread - toasted with low cal jam 1XHEB & 1 syn
banana and mullerlight

Lunch :

Pasta n sauce - Macaroni cheese- think 2 syns

snack: 2 Alpen light bars - 1 HEB


Free SW mushroom risotto with 28g grated chedder 1X HEA

Plus - 1/2 sticky toffee scan bran cake - 2 1/2 syns
plus- Skimmed milk in tea and coffee - 1X HEA
Plus - Approx 4 glasses of water & 2 hot waters with slice of lemon

Total syns- 5 1/2

Feedback welcome
p.s would usually have more fruit and veg with/in my tea - there was lots of mushrooms and red pepper though!


I want to be fitter again
S: 11st8lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 0st8lb(4.94%)
I always think of those pasta and sauces more as a snack rather than a proper meal. You are right there is def an absence of fruit and veg. Fibre is sooooooo important It aids digestion and speeds up metabolism. There is a special section for posting food diaries, don't be scared to use it. More people tend to look there if you need more help. Also if adding a food diary it is really helpful to know what plan you are following for that day.


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What days are you mainly doing? Red? Green? EE? a mix of all? if so, what ratio are you doing of each?

This might sound like a daft question, but how many Alpen Light bars are you eating a week? I ate 2 a day every day for a week as HexB's and stayed the same and again the same the following week. I stopped eating them and started losing again. No idea why.. but I'm not chancing eating them again LOL.

Have you switched to more green or EE days than last week?


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Im in a very similar situation to you, Ive even been told to eat more syns like you have.

What days do you do? Im veggie so green always but Vixxster suggested I try red for a bit but having quorn instead of meat. Could you try a different day, maybe EE to kick-start the weightloss??

I know a post here says about eating too many Muller yogurts, Im in the same boat as you & I dont eat Mullers as they're not suitable for vegetarians so that is highly unlikely to be the answer.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
S: 14st5lb
What about some free fruit? I'd definitely say you're not eating enough! Sounds mad I know! And how much have you got to lose? That could have a bearing on things too!
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Deffo not enough superfree in there. I would see what happens this week and consider Extra Easy. You have already started to drink plenty so that will help.
I'm abit scared of extra easy, don't really get how it works.
I have a stone to loose and i do eat a lot of Mullers, Alpen lights and bananas, simply because they are quick and easy.
I also don't eat alot of meat, so I mainly do green days, maybe I will try half green and half red, the only thing is with red is I struggle for lunch ideas, not keen on salad at lunch so I usually leave it, plus have no fridge at the office!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
S: 14st5lb
That's it then! Altho they're technically free, bananas and mullers can stop your weightloss because they are relatively high in calories. Restrict yourself to one of each a day and over the week it will kick in your weightloss you'll see!

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