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No More Fatty Bum Bum (hopefully)

So, I am in week 2 of Slimming World and need to find a way to keep myself on track! I need a way of recording this journey I am on; to try and stay on the right path - and also to look back on when things get tough!

Where to start? Well, I am a 34 year old mummy to 2 (my little princess is 4 and my little soldier is 1 - no stereotypes there then :D ) I have always been big. I had lots of "puppy fat" growing up and even when I was 17 and had lost 3 stone on Slimming World and was my class's Slimmer of the Year, I was still "big". I was a size 14 and my form tutor thought I was anorexic, so I'm never going to be a size 0, or even a 12 for that matter. Some of us are just made this way, but the extra 8 stone worth of padding isn't helping!

Two babies made, a full time business to run and a husband to sort mean I am bottom of the list and as such my weight has been too - even though for me it is top of the list of things that make me miserable! This diary IS going to be a record of my journey to weight happiness - it's going to be a long one no doubt and I am sure I will struggle along the way, but hopefully with my consultant and the lady I have become pals with who joined the same night as me and has had the exact same weight loss as me (-5lbs week one, maintain week 2), this place and supportive family I can get there.

My little girl starts school in September 2012 and I don't want to be the fat mum picking her up, I don't want her being teased because mummy waddles and I certainly don't want her having the same food issues I do.

I'm no eejit though, I know it's not likely that I'm going to lose 8 stone in a year, so I have to set myself mini goals. There's obviously the SW 10% goal, but I need other milestones to work towards. So here they are:

1) 1 stone lost before Christmas, just to feel like I have achieved a marker!
2) 3 stone lost before my birthday in March (this will take me to quite a bit less than my pre-pregnancy weight and will be the first time I have been here in about 4 years!)
3) 5 stone lost before June (this will be the amount that would put my BMI in a range that if we have a 3rd baby I would not need consultant care, we want a 3rd baby, June will be when we know if we can have one or not financially)
4) Will have to see what happens on this goal, baby dependent ;)

Best let the journey begin!
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Good luck on your weightloss journey! Well done on your 5lb loss after week 1! I too,lost 5lb after week 1. I agree,that we have to take our weight loss plan down to 'baby' steps as,after all our weight gain didn't appear overnight did it? Which days do you prefer? I find I enjoy the green days better. Have had 2 red days this week,but not enjoyed them as much.
Once again,good luck and will keep checking your progress!!
So week 3 and 2lb shifted! Woo hoo!

I also, by default, got Slimmer of the Week. It was by default because the girl who lost 6 1/2lb!!!!! left half way through class, but a wins a win ;)

Not been such a great week though in all honesty. I am most definitely an emotional eater - as proven when I had the day from hell at work on Friday, came home to my MIL who had been shopping for us, while watching our LOs and had bought a Cadbury's Fresh Cream and Chocolate cake. Needless to say there was none left by the time my hubby got home from work :(

I really do need to crack the emotional eating thing, it's never going to stop unless I do something about it. I guess one way would be to reach for healthy options, but lets be honest when you've had a crap day or received bad news the last thing you want is an apple. It's something that's going to give you a virtual hug and a warm feeling inside that is needed and usually in the form of cake or chocolate or in my case both!

This emotional eating side of things is definitely where I go wrong though. It's no coincidence that I gained 6 stone from the time I heard the news that my mum was terminal to the time I started this journey. It's also no coincidence that my losses (weight wise) have also coincided with good news periods and the subsequent gains have coincided with bad news / stressful periods. Life's never going to be Rosie (no matter how many times my children make me watch the show ;) ) so if I am to crack this weigh malarky forever, I am going to have to crack this emotions thing!

So, as well as hoping to lose a further 2lb this week (possibly a bit ambitious given that we have an alcohol and buffet food fueled weekend away) I am also going to try and give some thought to planning for the crap days. I know I can't tell when they are going to be, but perhaps I can have some kind of emergency box for when they do appear unexpectedly. I am loving zumba and find that helps after a stressful day, but if the stressing is occuring on a non-zumba day, that's no use :(

Emergency Box it is! What would you put in your emergency box for the emotional eating hit / to replace to eating aspect of the emotional eater?

There has to be some chocolate in there, but having a low syn option is probably the best bet, but what else stops you from turning to food for emotional comfort?

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