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No more ketosis for Bea :(

Well, two weeks and 10lbs into restarting LL Total I'm having to come off the diet. :( :(

I've had a really severe migraine for about three days, and my LLC (and a veeeery thorough NHS Direct nurse) think it might be something to do with maintaining ketosis at my body weight (I'm technically only 6lbs from the top end of my healthy BMI). Because the only other times I've had migraines this serious, with these features, were when I was in ketosis and at a similar weight.

It's just a theory though, definitely not an accepted LL side effect, and probably peculiar to me. The interesting part of the theory is that, within an hour of eating conventional food, my headache has pretty much disappeared.

I'm pretty bummed out. I've agreed to do calorie counting to get to my healthy BMI, and go to my LL maintenance group religiously, and I am excited about taking control of my diet, but I'm also disappointed - my "goal weight" jeans are still hanging up in my bedroom and I won't fit into them at the top end of my BMI!

I'm also petrified - the whole reason I restarted LL was because I was feeling rather desperate, and like I couldn't handle food on my own. Now I don't have that safety net anymore. I know I'm at a relatively low body weight, but I get so panicky around food and I found myself starting to abuse it - which is partly why I came back - I don't feel like I can trust myself to maintain my weight, never mind losing even a small amount. I'm almost convinced I'm just going to fall back into bad habits and balloon up again. :( :( :(

I know it's not a huge deal, but going from relying solely on packs and counselling to calorie-counting on my own to get to a *higher weight, more slowly* is a big change to get my head around.

Anyway, I shall still be hanging out here, and on the maintenance thread. :)
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Hi there
That's a shame, but good you are listening to your body.
I hope all goes well, and i'm sure if you have the support you need you will get in your goal jeans - it will just be a wee bit slower than planned

good luck
Daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
Bee, you have the support of the group! Your LLC is extremely kind and I urge you to take up the offer and attend class every week! Weight Watchers is successful for this very reason - the group support sessions. Stick to about 1000 calories per day.

As for the target jeans... Mine are still hanging up too. But I definitely did not want to do the LL thing and get there as quickly as possible. I'll do it slowly and surely without that much pain and suffering. Re-learn my food self-control. Slowly is the only way I personally can learn. There's not much weight to lose, so why the rush? Take each day it comes, the goal will be sweeter if it's savoured and cherished along the way.

Trust me, this way is better. You learn more. xx

PS. Ketosis is overrated dearie :p Personally it makes me feel very brain-foggy, lethargic and my whole body feels like it's been punched to death. For some people, it's just not worth it. :)
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Clearly your body is trying to tell you something and I'm glad you've listened - you're not overweight/obese so doing only packs would be a form of torture for your body I suspect - take it slowly and carefully and the weight will come off - after all hundreds manage on Slimming World etc. :) it may take some more time but as Min said - what's the rush?


...we're sinking deeper.
By the way if I sounded like I was putting down LL'ers by saying that I want to do it the slow conventional way, that is not a criticism of you ladies! :) I did the LL because it's the quickest way to solve something so immense that we'd all lost power over and have no way of knowing where to even begin... As a size 24, 22year old I didn't know whether to cry or jump off a bridge... the LL option gave me the light and made me see I CAN do it.
When there's only a little to lose I opt for the less painful method. I know I CAN lose weight now, it's not something only other people can achieve. But LL is too painful on many levels for me now. I can't do it. :) I admire those who can!

You all deserve a pat on the back! (or rather, a positive stroke!!)
Well done ladies (and gents who may be around)!
wow, thank you for posting this. It is everything I needed to hear! My plan is also to lose as much as poss in a short time (with lipotrim) then go back to WW to re learn how to eat healthily. After only one day on liptrim I feel like i've been partying non stop for a fortnight and have lost 5lb - not good. Will stick with it through this first week at least, but I reckon i'll be going back to WW sooner rather than later. You've done amazing, very inspirational. Thank you xxx


...we're sinking deeper.
Burleyq - don't underestimate the effects of carbohydrate and sugar withdrawal! ;) I feel headaches, lethargy, hunger for at least two weeks before it starts to lift. It is very much a proper detox from a drug - it's very painful.

The headaches Bee is talking about are because ketosis is not agreeable with her at a certain BMI which is very much near normal. I'm the same, ketosis hits a lot harder when you don't have as much fat tissue in your system...

Headaches after just 1 day are normal. Plus, if you lost 5lbs in a day - this is excess water weight, you probably had a very calorific few days before you started. Water weight can attribute to as much as 1 STONE for some people depending on how full these reserves are on first weigh in.

So, don't be quick to judge. :) Give it a good 3-4 weeks, unless of course extremely severe headaches persist for more than a week or so.

Good luck.
I'm at work so need to be quick, but just wanted to say THANKS to you all for the words of support. You are of course right, I have just been panicking because I somehow got it into my head that I couldn't be trusted with food, so LL and ketosis was the only way down for me. But the fact of the matter is that I don't have enough fat on these old bones to support ketosis (who ever thought I'd be upset about that?!) so it's just not for me.

I do have the support of my group and my LLC, and of course this forum, so hopefully I'll learn the lessons like you, Min, slowly and definitely. Two days in and I'm making good food choices so far, and recording everything. Hopefully no blind, 'trance-like' bingeing for me. :)
After only one day on liptrim I feel like i've been partying non stop for a fortnight and have lost 5lb - not good. Will stick with it through this first week at least, but I reckon i'll be going back to WW sooner rather than later. You've done amazing, very inspirational. Thank you xxx
Hey Burley, as Min said, don't confuse my post with carb withdrawal. The first week or so of getting into ketosis can be a bit of a trial with headaches, wooziness, nausea, tiredness, etc. It does pass for most people (honest!) - it would have to otherwise no one would complete this diet ;) After about 4-7 days you should click over into ketosis and feel more energetic and normal.

It's just that I'm close to my healthy BMI so I don't have enough body fat to maintain ketosis, and one side effect of that is severe headaches - I'm past the induction phase you're in, though.

Stick with Lipotrim but yes - it might work for some people to come off it and lose some of the weight through more conventional methods so that you get a sense of yourself doing it (if that makes sense!).
ahh, thanks everyone. Good luck Bea, can't wait to be in your position :) - the effects were so severe though my GP has advised she thinks I may be intolerant to something in the lipotrim so has taken me off immediately :( :( :( got to go for blood tests now! Anyhoo, its made me realise the only way I will do this is hard work and determination. Weight Watchers on Tuesday for me, in the mean time will be sensible and positive. Its lovely to read all of your stories on here. Am in awe of you all :) xxx
Thanks Burley and good luck with the results. Also Bea, sounds like your body was telling you you'd arrived!
Both your stories go to show that we are all individuals and one size does not fit all and our bodies talk to us if we don't immediately take notice of them.
Good luck to you all in achieving what you want in whichever way you choose.
Thank you for the information regarding ketosis. I am on day three of lighterlife lite and whilst I don't have a headache I do have a fuzzy feeling around my eyes and around my head!
On day 1 I felt amazing, but on days 2 and 3 I felt like total poo! I mostly layed on the sofa feeling sorry for my self!

3 weeks on and it has got better now, I have only had a couple of headaches in the afternoon/evening and I don't feel particulary tired.

Good luck Bea and Burley, glad you are not letting it get to you. Keep us posted on how you are getting on, it will be useful to hear how life is after ketosis!

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