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No More Monster Munching ... [Week 7: 10lbs lost]

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Monster Muncher, 20 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Hello all,

    I've been a member here quite some years. I started several weightloss journey threads several years ago, including one which was to lose weight for my wedding, which I was determined to do, but never did, at least not properly, and I'm pretty ashamed of myself when I think about it. I lost about 1.5 stones but then put it all back on in the subsequent weeks/months.

    However, lots has obviously happened since then (almost 4 years ago), the most amazing thing was, at christmas time, becoming a father for the first time. This, like never before, has crystalised things in my mind and I want and need to lose weight to be the best dad I can be, which obviously means being a healthy, slim dad who is around for as long as possible.

    So, almost 3 years to the day since I last posted on here, I'm back and want to make this the start of the new healthy me. I'm currently 19.5 stone ish but will post accurate stats on Tuesday which is weigh in day. I want to be at 14 stone as think that is a healthy weight for me. I am going on holiday at the back end of August to Spain, so I have a real target to aim for. I would love to be 16st something by then which I think is achievable as it's 4 months or so away.

    A healthy and slim version of me should be very achievable, I'm a pretty active person - I completed the London Marathon last weekend (albeit slowly - in 5hrs 38 mins) - and enjoy walking, cycling and other outdoorsy type pursuits. So my issue is obvioulsy with what I eat...

    I have been trying Weight Watchers for years, and whilst I do like it, for whatever reason, it obviously wasn't working for me. So this time around, I'm going to be doing Slimming World. I have bought the books from eBay and they look really interesting. I'm really keen to start it as several friends have had super results with it. I will be doing it 'at home' as I'm not sure I fancy the groups, so I will no doubt be around the forums for advice etc.

    I shall be keeping this thread updated with my progress and I will post up a starting stats below on weigh-in day - which is Tuesday.

    Thanks for reading!

    Update - Start 19st 8lbs
    Week 1 - 7lbs off :)
    Week 2 - 5lbs off :)
    Week 3 - 2lbs on
    Week 4 - 2lbs off :)
    Week 5 - STS :(
    Week 6 - STS :(
    Week 7 - 1lb on :(
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  3. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    So, that's it, my weightloss adventure starts today ... Tuesday 22nd April.

    Jumped on the scales and I'm weighing in at a whopping 19st 8lbs. :(

    I have also taken some pics but don't worry, I won't be posting them as I'm stood in my underpants! :eek:

    Looking forward to giving this a proper go ...

  4. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    And these are the vital statistics ...

    [TABLE="width: 308"]
    [TD="colspan: 3"]18.0 inches[/TD]
    [TD="colspan: 3"]43.5 inches[/TD]
    [TD="colspan: 3"]14.0 inches[/TD]
    [TD="colspan: 3"]7.5 inches[/TD]
    [TD="colspan: 3"]46.5 inches[/TD]
    [TD="colspan: 3"]28.5 inches[/TD]
    [TD="colspan: 3"]19.5 inches[/TD]
    [TD="colspan: 3"]48.5 inches[/TD]
  5. GlamUp

    GlamUp Full Member

    Good luck on your journey, and well done for completing the London Marathon x
  6. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Thanks very much. :)

    The first morning has gone well enough, scrambled eggs for breakfast with a syn free mug shot for lunch. May have to supplement with a packet of crisps though. I will be well within my syns as got healthy meal planned this evening.
  7. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    Wow amazing work with the London marathon! You must be so proud of yourself!

    It doesn't sound like you're eating much today so just be careful that you don't try to deprive yourself. It will only end in eating something you shouldn't and no one wants that :(

    Good luck on your journey. Sounds like you have real determination so I'm sure you'll do it :)
  8. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Thanks Pippa, yeah, it was a great day, very emotional!

    I agree, I haven't eaten much today but it's been awkward as was away all weekend so not been shopping - doing that tonight!

    Thanks for your luck. :)
  9. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    As long as you're aware it's not much then you'll be fine. I think instinct tells us not to eat much when we start a 'diet' which in my experience leads to a curry and a bottle of red because I'm feeling so pissed off after a week of nothing! That might just be me though ;)
  10. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Haha, definitely not just you!
  11. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    First day succesfully completed. Been shopping this evening so have stocked up on lots of nice fruit, alpen light and muller lights which are enough of a treat to keep me going!

    I actually had two muller lights tonights - even though I had two syn free ones, are they still syn free? Seems a bit odd. Everything like that used to have a points value on WW.
  12. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    Nope all free. Not all Alpen lights are a hex b now. If they are 70 calories it's fine, if it's the new improved recipe of 89 calories they have to be synned :(
  13. ingeh

    ingeh Full Member

    glad your doing well and finding it ok so far. Il try to follow you as im just starting out x
  14. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    I know, just been reading about that. Gutted. :(
  15. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Thanks - I shall keep an eye out, too.
  16. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    So, three days in and going OK so far. I've used slightly more syns than I thought I would but it's still manageable. I was severely hungry the first couple of days but haven't been so bad today. I've not been starving myself but just think my body has been getting used to eating different things. I.e. Not crap.
  17. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    What have you been eating? Have you been having enough?

    I'm always hungry so I'm always eating...!
  18. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    I think so! Lots of fruit, muller lights, had huge (2 syn) tea last night - roasted veg (with spray), rocket, chicken breast and SE sweet potato chips. I am a biggish guy and my stomach has expanded over the years, I think it's getting smaller as gradually been nowhere near as hungry.

    I just wish I really enjoyed fruit like some people seem to. I do eat it, but it's more to fill me, rather than enjoying it.
  19. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    Haha me too! I prefer savoury so I make a massive superfree frittata every few days and snack on that instead. It's lovely and filling, and a bit more interesting than fruit.
  20. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Excuse my ignorance but whats a superfree frittata?!
  21. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    I suppose a bit like a Spanish omelette.

    I fry leek, onion, chilli, courgette, roasted peppers from a jar, spinach, baby corn, cherry tomatoes (whatever I have knocking around really) in some fry light until soft.

    Mix cottage cheese (I hand blend it first because I don't like the texture) with 6 eggs, some salt and pepper. Then add the cooked vegetables.

    Poor into a Pyrex dish and bake at gas 5 for about 40 mins.

    Et voila! Savoury free snack that lasts a few days (if it doesn't get eaten!) and is good for breakfast/lunch/snacking...

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