No motivation :0(


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I really want to do this.......

My story so far is I managed to lose 32lb which is about half way through my weight loss journey. I managed it quite easy, not saying it was a breeze but I stuck to the plan 90% of the time and the weight fell off. I think here lies the problem........

I went on holiday to Florida for two weeks (eeek) then came back two weeks before Christmas. I am now 10lb heavier and am really struggling to get back to meetings. I swore blind to myself that I would go last week...... I didnt.

I feel so unmotivated to go, and I know I really should. I could finish my journey this year...... I am just in that cycle of feeling bad because I'm not dieting and I'm not dieting because I feel bad.
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We all no how u feel I'm finding tonight quite hard not to pig out but u will feel so much better when u get back on track, just think how happy u will be when all the lbs have gone!


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Hi Winnie

I hope I can offer some words of support - I too lost 50lbs last year, that was about half of what I needed to lose in total. I came off my diet as I went on holiday and never really got back onto to it, it was always tomorrow, tomorrow... Except tomorrow never came :( it didn't take me very long to put all 50lbs back on plus another 30lbs and now... I wish I'd just carried on and lost the other 50lbs - I would have been at goal and happy - instead I have 150lbs to go and if you think it was hard to lose it the first time - going over old losses is just sole destroying. If you knuckle down you could be at your goal for June, imagine all the nice clothes you could wear instead of hiding away :)


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If I go on holiday it takes me ages to get back in a routine again. Try to draw a line today and start over again tomorrow :) Act like you are starting WW for the first time. If you go along to your meeting you could stay afterwards if your leader does a new members intro. Tell your leader that you are struggling...they might have some ideas to get you back into loosing :)

I would suggest planning out a couple of weeks or meals to help you get back into it. I work from an 8 week meal plan of evening makes it much easier to get on track when things get you off track :)

Never forget that you have done fantastically!! You've lost 1 1/2 stone which is great! Stick with it :)


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A little update......

I went back to class, a new group with a new leader. I had actually put on 12lb! But it's ok, I'm back on track and have had two good days. I am going to focus just on what I've gained so far then tackle the rest later.

Thanks for your support peeps!