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No one notices...

I know I havent been on my diet for long...however in the 5 weeks ive been taking xenical & eating healthy I have lost just over 2 stone...yet no one has noticed...When i tell people I have lost weight i feel like they look at me & think 'have you??'...It's days like these my motivation slides & right now i so feel like diving in the fridge & eating everything in sight! lol...I know I need to just stay positive and keep going & I will...Just sometimes it's nice to have some support and encouragement from our friends & family...is it just me or does anyone else frrl like this????:wave_cry:
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I know how you feel, it makes you want to not bother! people only noticed with me when I stopped wearing my 'too big' clothes!!!

btw, if u don't mind me asking where are you in northants?



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Hi don't be too down about people not noticing it can just be they dont want to offend you by asking. or it could be a jelously thing too. :) You know and we know that you have lost it. Keep your chin up :)
I know, if you ever fancy meeting up for exercise or chat or just a bit of support pm me x
Weezygal, omg i thought you'd copied and pasted my thread then, then saw kb had posted my link. In fact it has got me down so much i have fallen of the wagon and i feel so bad. I had a goodish day yesterday then today i have been biting the kids heads off, called the old man a loser and waste of my time,oops his crime....he didn't want to meet me at our daughters new flat... Needles to say i managed to turn it round when he came flying down in 0.2 seconds on his push bike (oh dear i am laughing at myself here,lol) to saying knew that would have you coming down quick...nearly TOTM.
Its like i am doing this with no support. The doctors haven't got a new dietician in yet, however i am making an appointment tomorrow and i AM going to restart and continue. My only plus at the moment is i haven't put on though i might well have after today...
I have even gone down to a size 18 both top and bottom from a size 22/24 and my skinny sisters haven't even noticed. GRRRRRRRRR size 6 and a size zero it dont help i am the oldest and they introduce me as the big sister grrrrrrrr.They don't see me all the time either.
I suppose after this moan i might feel better but really Weezygal you have made my day,i dont feel so alone and i know the jounery will be tough but i willing to go on......no longer alone due to this forum thanks to everyone xxx

Ps went to an ANNE SUMMERS PARTY and even bought someting i thing might well fit. Lol i have just realised it cost me £33.00 and thats the total i have lost as well,sorry rambling now xxxx
Tina u are so not on your own...I thought i was but after reading different threads i've noticed so many people are thinking the same thing! I think the hardest thing is having no support especially from your family & close friends...sometimes when your down & feeling stressed it's so easy to slip back into your old ways! The worst time for me is when my son (4 years) goes 2 bed...being a single mum it gets lonely & boring so what do u do??? Eat crap all the nice & naughty things while u watch tv! I know i am so guilty of this! So far since i have been taking Xenical (5 weeks) I havent slipped back I have wanted 2 but some how i've managed to hold back...People still havent really noticed my weight loss so now I just think sod u lot I'll show u all...I can do this on my own...But I know what u mean this forum has been so helpful in talking to people in the same situation...I find once i have been on her & log off I feel positive in that I can do this!

Good on you for treating yourself to something from Ann Summers!! U go girl x x
I can see it must be hard when your little one goes to bed. Its not like you can go for a walk when he is in bed. For me i go to the allotment it takes me an hour to water the plants so that's an hour wasted, well an hour not picking lol.
When i can't go out i do the mad things like clean the cooker and pull it out and do the sides and see what the kids have dropped down the back,lol. Its a job i hate because it stuck in a tight hole and its so hard to pull it out and i am so scared of pulling the dam pipe out the back (its gas).
I tend to sit on face book as well but it gets boring quite quickly.

The sugar free jelly is a good one as well.A Muller yogurt is good one but then the best is a fruit salad for a snack i the evening. Not quite the same as the bag of crisps or the chocolate i know but once your use to it you'll have replaced your bad habit with a good one

I so hope you have had a good week its really worth the pain in the end ...

Tina xx
I wouldn't worry about people not commenting.

A lot of people (me included) would be worried about offending you or something by saying something.

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