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No one said a blooming thing!!!

Was recently at a family event and my family hadn't seen me in 4 weeks - in which time I have lost 16lbs. Now that may not seem a lot but on my 5ft frame it's loads and my pre-pregnancy clothes now drown me.

They are a bunch of jealous munters!! I totally look way skinnier and not a blooming word.

Totally have given up looking for recognition for anything.

Sorry about the rant, but this is the straw that broke the camels back.:mad:
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tazy, it took 4 stone before anyone said anything to me so don't worry about it!

You need to look for positive vibes from yourself as I've found if you rely on other people it only ends in disappointment. I remember going out for the first time wearing size 10 jeans expecting everyone to say how great I looked and nobody said anything!

You know yourself how well you're doing. keep reminding yourself of that and it doens't matter what anyone else says :)
You're so right, it's just nice to get a pat on the head sometimes. Nevermind :mad:

nutty me

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Hi Tazy,

Dont worry too much, like RR i had lost 2.5 stones before anyone made any comments. i think the reward is great when you can feel your clothes becoming looser. So chin up and it wont be long before everyone is making comments. look forward to following your journey. x nutty x
We were talking about the same thing in class last week. Apparently someones friend admitted they couldn't tell when told they had lost 1stone. It was only when they had lost 2 they could really tell. Maybe they honestly didn't notice, wait until you next meet up the compliments will come flooding in.


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Hi Tazy,
Like RR and Nutty Me I can sympathise, as i've lost 5 stone and some people still don't comment! I met up with an old school friend on Tuesday who I hadn't seen since starting LL...not a word about me losing weight.
But was venting my frustration to another friend and she made a good point, friends and family love you for who you are not what you look like, so they don't necessarily 'notice' how you look. If that makes sense?
If you were wearing your pregnancy clothes they are way too baggy and are hiding your new shape! Once you start wearing tighter clothing i'm sure they will notice and the compliments will flow!
Hi - also remember that some people feel uncomfortable mentioning weight loss, as it kind of implies they thought you needed to - I only say this, because when I lost 8 stone a few years ago, a very good friend of mine didnt say anything at all, alway throught the journey.
There was an occasion when a mutial friend made a comment in front of us both about how I was looking, and they also said, I bet you are forever complimenting her now... I turned around and said to be honest not had one single comment.
We discussed it and she admitted that she was proud of me, but felt if she said something it may be taken that she thought i was fat - which I was, but as a friend she said she knew I was doing well and could see that and didnt want to seen to be stating the obvious - its is a funny old world
I'd lost 17lbs nobody had commented and was beginning to think i was going mad in thinking I could see a difference...so I asked my kids if they could as they hadn't mentioned anything and they all said yes they could see a difference but hadn't wanted to say anything because it seemed insensitive. As in "You've lost weight" means "you were fatter before" Could it be a case of this?
The last time I lost lots of weight no one mentioned it until I lost 2 stone, but there were some colleagues who made absolutely no mention of my changing shape even when I had gone down nearly 4 dress sizes
angie-bum said:
The last time I lost lots of weight no one mentioned it until I lost 2 stone, but there were some colleagues who made absolutely no mention of my changing shape even when I had gone down nearly 4 dress sizes
Jealousy ?


Ready for the new me!
People can be nasty but i think it might be down to clothes too. One of my friends never said anything at christmas (i was in jeans 2 sizes too big and a draped top) but i saw her again a few days ago in a fitted dress and straight away she said i was looking great and she could totally see a difference. Mission is now to buy clothes that actually fit!
Couldn't agree more Lucy, but it's not easy at first when you are used to hiding under the clothes and fat is it?
I remember my LLC telling me it was time for clothes and new underwear that fitted properly!
Once you start to get the compliments it spurs you on.
Well done. xx

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