The Diary of a VLCD Virgin.

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    Hello there, welcome to my diary :) I've already done a week, so this ones going to be a long post just to get it started off! So, here goes..

    I've never been in any way interested in meal replacement diets, I don't like the idea of living on shakes and I hate the idea of cutting myself off from social activities by not being able to go out for dinner or drinks with friends and family. But recently I've decided to bite the bullet and try it out - my normal dieting just wasn't working and I was getting pretty disheartened by restricting myself all week to step on the scales and have only lost half a pound! So here I am, trying out my first VLCD & shock horror ENJOYING IT! Yes, you read that right, enjoying a VLCD!

    I started on Monday 24th February. I also majorly failed as although I'd bought all the shakes and savoury meal replacements for the complete plan I wasn't prepared at all, I forgot to take my water bottle to work, my sweetener for my tea and also my skimmed milk to actually make one of the shakes with! So I made one with water for breakfast, found that the lunch option (soup) tasted beyond vile and then ate crisps, chocolate, crumpets and an omelette for tea. Not the best start!

    Tuesday 25th came and I was prepared. I didn't cheat once, I drank about 4 litres of water and didn't feel hungry. I'd learned my lesson and had 2 sweet shakes and a savoury meal replacement for dinner - no soup. I went to bed feeling more than a little proud and when I woke up on Wednesday I was determined. Wednesday went by just as easily, as did Thursday and Friday.

    Saturday posed as a possible problem - girls night out in town. Pre-drinking copious amounts of wine, drinking a ridiculous amount of cocktails and vodka and the dreaded doner kebab with cheesey chips and garlic sauce with a 2 litre bottle of irn bru for good, hangover curing, measure... I stuck solely to water ALL night & because I was concentrating on getting dolled up, then went straight out and because I dancing and having fun I didn't even realise that I'd skipped my evening "meal" so I'd only had two of my three shakes all day.

    Woke up Sunday feeling fresh as a daisy, all be it with poorly feet from the heels! Yesterday was difficult, Sunday dinner I could have avoided pretty easily but there was no way I could have avoided a full family meal for my grandmas birthday... to a carvery :( I weighed myself in the morning, I basically thought if I hadn't lost any weight then I would scrap the diet and eat EVERYTHING at the carvery. Stood on the scales and couldn't believe my eyes. Since Tuesday I have lost 5kg or 12lbs. That is almost a stone! Motivation well and truly sky high and I went out for my grandmas birthday meal and stuck to my guns, well, ish! I didn't want to take myself out of ketosis so I was super careful. I asked for a child size plate at the carvery and chose one slice of lean turkey breast, some sprouts, green beans, cabbage and cauliflower. I ate slowly and had 2 pints of water throughout the meal, so that I ate the very minimum. I had my breakfast shake yesterday (with water) and then the food at the carvery and that is all, I didn't have anything else all day (which probably meant I was well below the controlled calories of the plan), I just didn't want to take any chances as I'm scared of regaining any of the weight or throwing myself out of ketosis by taking in any of the carbs in the shakes on top of the veggies, incase my calculations weren't correct or something!

    My aim is to have lost those extra 2lbs by tomorrow so that I can say that I have lost a stone in a week.

    Ultimate goal, well i'm not too sure yet. I go on holiday in 7 weeks, I'd like to be a little more comfortable in a bikini but obviously I need to be realistic about it! I go on holiday again in July, I'm a size 18 now. If by July I'm a size 12 I'd be over the moon :)

    But anyhow - so far so good!​

    Start Weight: 105.5kg
    Current Weight: 100.4kg
    Goal Weight: 63kg!
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  3. LaurenCharlotte

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    So this is todays, and from here I'll update the diary properly! Wish I had have joined this forum on my frst day #sigh!

    Today was good, considering I came off plan yesterday for a small meal at the carvery I actually didn't feel too guilty - although I know I won't be doing it again for a long while, the stress and paranoia is just too much!! I was terrified I'd kicked myself out of ketosis, but after having that meal at 3.30pm yesterday I had nothing else until 9.30am this morning when I made my first shake of the say at work. I wasn't in any way hungry so I mustn't have knocked myself out thank god! I haven't weighed myself today, I don't want to become a serial weigher and make myself ill over it so I'll wait :) Plus I'm scared to see if I have put on anything by eating real food! Ignorance is bliss some times ;)

    Plan went well today, had a shake for breakfast and one for lunch at 12pm - still managing to sit in the canteen with all the lads eating their chippys and greggs - and made them both with water, totally skipped out the skimmed milk, I don't need it! For dinner I had the cottage pie savoury meal replacement. Now this is okay, but its certainly not the best by a long shot. I had to add salt, pepper, a variety of herbs and a dash of lea and perrings just to make it palatable. Still, it kept me in a routine of still getting a hot dinner and maybe once i get my ingredient tweaking right I can make it nice!

    Ate: Cafe Latte Shake, made with water.
    Rich Chocolate Shake, made with water.
    Cottage Pie Savoury Meal Replacement Pack plus a dash of lea and perrings.

    Drank: 1 cup of tea with splenda and a dash of skimmed milk.
    4.5 litres of water throughout working day (8.30-5)

    I'll probably have another litre ish before bed and I always take a jug of water to bed with me - I get ridiculously thirsty. I think the jugs about 3 pints.

    So, Monday's went well (apart from me paying for next day delivery yesterday and my order not arriving! Why offer the service on a Sunday if you don't fulfill it!!), bring on the rest of the week! Joining the gym on Wednesday - I'm actually excited!!!
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    Hi LaurenCharlotte,

    Well done you have done great. Good luck with your journey x
  5. LaurenCharlotte

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    Well, so much for "i'll post every day" !! - I always was terrible at keeping a diary!

    So, its Sunday. This weeks been a bit difficult for the old vlcd! I managed to completley avoid a buffet at work for a girls last day and avoided any buffet food including birthday cake at my little cousins birthday party. However, I joined the gym on Wednesday which caused a problem. I was always super fit and active when i was younger so when I take on a new hobby or sport I like to give it my all - even now as a fatty! When I've got an idea into my head I'll do it, no matter what. I want to be one of these super fit gym girls, so I will be a super fit gym girl! ANYWAYS - I was doing some gym work and I got seriously light headed & felt faint. Im guessing it was because I'd burned more calories than what this diet was giving me. So I went to bed feeling awful and sick, and when I woke up I felt awful and sick :( I went back on Thursday night to the gym and stuck to plan all day but had a small handful of nuts and a small piece of chicken before the gym - I felt tons better and was able to really do a proper workout. However when I came home I couldnt handle another shake, so I had cauliflower rice with a little plain chicken - heaven! Friday I stuck to my shakes all day at work, went to the gy and had again, a small handful of nuts and a piece of ham. Done a big workout and then ended up with cauliflower rice with egg stirred through (fake egg fried rice) and chicken yet again, no third shake!
    Saturday morning I woke up feeling really bad about the real food situation so I went for a run and a swim (a mile swim and a mile run) first thing before any food, felt disgusting when I came out of the pool, legs were jelly and my head was spinning - downed a litre of water and intended on a shake - ended up with a poached egg, kale and smoked salmon! Then for dinner I had broccoli, kale and chicken and went on a night out (drinking only tap water).
    So now we have Sunday - im TERRIFIED to weigh myself because I havent stuck to the diet plan and also because exercise makes you put on weight initially. I had scrambled egg with kale for breakfast, no lunch again and then steak, broccoli and asparagus for my dinner. I was doing so well and now ive just ruined it because I can't keep away from real food! Luckily I havent binged on ANYTHING and i've stayed low carb when I've had real food.
    Im back at work tomorrow so shakes are being taken to work with me for lunch and dinner, however I think since im going to the gym every night this week and going to the gym on my lunch break (just the mini gym at work to go onn the vibro plate machine for 15 mins) that I'll have to have an evening meal so that I dont faint!

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