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snap and whats worse is there is no way i can drink lemsip without about 3 sugars in it.. and i cant do sweetner in it , has to be sugar so the diet is out of the window for the next few days

urgh lemsip !


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Why is it when we are dieting we get the cold and not the fever:rolleyes:.

I know someone who was very overweight and took a viral thing, he lost so much weight (a good couple of stone), when he was better he joined a class and lost the rest of his weight. He used his virus to his advantage lol, and might i add still slim jim :)


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Well this cold (that I've had since Sat) has left me with no energy to prepare anything SWish and craving comfort food, I'm going to my first weigh in tonight after getting back on track and I've ruined it. I got off to a good start too last week and now its all gone to pot.

Oh well, lets draw a line under this week and start anew now that I'm feeling a bit better.

Colds are crap !