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no shakes no water and no hunger??!!

i am going into week 3 and i have to say that most of the time i am forgetting my shakes and water!! i was left with 3 shakes from last week and i realise today that i am drinking lately only 1,5 of water! i am thinking now...................how come i am not hungry?? it comes out i live on one shake and 1,5 ltr of water a day??? scary.........
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You are right ..you can't live on that alone please try to look after yourself by having all the nutrients and vitamins you need to survive this significant challenge your body is coping with xxx


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Its a good thing you are not feeling hungry, but a bad thing you are not having your shakes and water. This diet is a finely balanced one. It is a controlled starvation diet. If you do not have all your shakes hun, your body may think you are in complete starvation mode and hold onto your fat. It can effect your weight loss hun and also isn't good for you. Please, please, please make sure you have your three shakes and your water.

Lecture over....its only coz we care.

I did LT last year and hated the shakes so ended up only having 1 a day mostly 2 on a good day (rare occurance) I ended up ill, weak sick and having to quit, so really dont advise it. Try and have the 3 otherwise your body just wont get the nutrients it needs

Good luck



I will do this!!!
I feel like this all the time. I dont drink enough water at all, iv always hated water so i really struggle, but even if i dont want them i make myself have my shakes. Some times i have a few shakes left over at the end of the week but i really do try to force them down!!

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