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No Washing Up!!!



I will be skinny again!!!

Love it!!

I know.. Although i mix my soup in the jug that i measure the water in and my mum told me off for drinking out of it, I explained i was trying to save on the washing up and she said she never wanted to see me doing it again lol!!
I don't think my kitchen has ever been so clean... What with no food in the fridge or cupboards, every inch of it has been bleached.

Its great only having to wash the blender and the glass too- cos normally I use every pot in the cupboard when cooking :)


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lol..I wish I could say the same but unfortunately this diet doesn't make my kids any tidier :(


I will be skinny again!!!
Me too! Got my brother coming over tomorrow. Would hate to mess up my spotless kitchen so gonna take him out for a meal! I hope he wont mind me watching his every mouthful!

Haha rosie!! he will end up getting creeped out and you will put him off his food!
I hate when people stare at me eating!!
My biggest advantage is I spend all my spare time cleaning, its good exercise too. I searched a few shops the other day and finally found it in Wilkinsons. Zoflora - Rose fragrance. It smells lovely and I have even added some to a small spray bottle and mixed with some water, its great to spray on your pot pourri.


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Hahaha i was thinking this exact thought this morning!!!

my mum and dad are in Kenya for 2 weeks, and so far there has only been 1 jug 3 times a day to wash, and 1 carrier bag of lipotrim packets for the bin ... THAT IS ALL!! woohooo haha xx
tbh i never did wash up anyway haha
hey you single :Ters have got it so easy just kidding I've got kids who wash up so cant remeber the last time i did any

xx sharron
I still end up with a full bin only it's just full of empty LT sachets and empty cat food pouches - yuk!!


I will be skinny again!!!
I hate washing up!!

i do anything other than that, so either my mum or sister have to it :)
But atleast now they cant moan at me for not washing my dishes as theres none to wash :)
3 kids + 1 OH = lots of food, cooking and washing up!!!! Thank goodness for the dishwasher, all I have to wash up is the blender and my cup!

Wish I'd thought to get shares in a loo roll company before I started. Over the time I've been on LT I must have gone through a forest's worth! Lol!


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