No way - 10lbs


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Hi All

I cannot belive it i weighed myself this mrorning after 1 week on EE and i am 10lb lighter...its a real shock i have never lost that much in one week i have dropped from 16St 2lb to 15st 6lb

I need to keep up the good work and not drop off the diet after my usual 2 weeks

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That's a fabulous result and great incentive to keep on with it :)


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Well done you xxx That is absolutely fabulous xxxxx

I'm not trying to 'worry' you at all but please don't get disheartened next week as your weight loss will probably slow down, even if you stick to the plan rigidly. I lost 8lb in my 1st week last time I did it and then put 1lb back on the next week before reverting back to 1-2lb a week loss.

I'm REALLY REALLY not trying to put you off or sound a miserable cow, I just don't want you to give up after such a fantastic start because of a minor (but natural) blip xxx

Once again - really really well done xx
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I will do this!!!
was this you official WI at group?


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fantastic loss, ive never done EE may have a read and see how easy it is x


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Well done what a lovely motivational start xx


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well done chick, thats fab, keep up the good work. xx


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That's wonderful!


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Thats brilliant!!! And a real inspiraion to anyone reading the forum and considering starting SW!!!


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Wow fab loss - hope I can do as well when I weigh in on Tuesday. Have done sw in the past before eeasy so will be interesting to see how I get on this time.


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Well done!!!! I have stuck to green days in the past, but have started EE 2 yesterday....we shall see. I hope it will work and I will still loose 1 or 1 1/2 a week, as it seems so much easier.


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Brilliant!!! :D x


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I started ee on tuesday i hope it works for me like it did you :)!! and Well sone x