No weigh tloss in 2 weeks!


Hi everyone i havent lost any weight in 2 weeks and cant believe it i have not cheated once and stick to the plan with loads of water but i did take some medicaine for 5 days do you think that would effect you for so long? Ive done this diet before and i usually drop with no problem but abit of me is starting to worry cause I cant be out of ketesis cause im not hungry just getting frustrated.
I am sure if you have stuck to it 100% then you have lost fat, the fact it doesnt show on the scales will be very frustrating and disheartening but dont give up, it's impossible to function on so few cals and not burn fat even if you slept all day and night. It will show eventually!!!! keep at it.
Hi Dee, Same thing happened to me on LL earlier this year. I knew I was in ketosis, and had not cheated, but also had not lost weight either. I was asked whether it was exercise, (it may have been) building muscle. But in my case it appeared to be fluid retention.
I have an arthritis type condition (have had for many years) if it plays up my muscles swell as do my joints. On a bad day I can put on as much as 5 lbs!!!
Anyway in my case three weeks, not a pound off, then whoosh 9lbs in one go!!!
Mind you I was on the loo almost constantly for 3 hours!!

Keep your chin up it will come off.

if you havent cheated then it will come off. Maybe the medicine has affected things a bit but even if it has you're not on it now as fa r as i can tell so the weight will come off.
maybe the medicine has caused some fluid retention?

Anyway Hang in there. i bet soon you'll be in for a huge shock when you get on the scales. :)