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Non CD related but OMG!!


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OMG OMG!! My baby just tried to stand up on one of the kids ride on thingys & it moved & he fell!! He has cut his head & has got a huge bump!! Should i take him to a&e? he seems ok in himself, only cried for a few mins! He is a bit whingy but no more than usual lol

Ive just given him some calpol.


:mad: :mad: :( :tear_drop:

Lucie x:cry:
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Hi Lucie,

If one of mine had fallen and had a lump on their head then yes, I would have gone to Casualty.

Please don't either blame yourself for it happening or think you are an over - protective mum for going to casualty.

Accidents happen and babies are extremely resilient but their skulls are soft and easily damaged.

Just get the little one checked over for your own peace of mind :)


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Oh Lucie, your poor son! :hug99:

I would take him to A&E just to be on the safe side. They normally say not to let him sleep and watch to see if he vomits at all.


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Has the cut stopped bleeding......Is it long or deep......it may need glueing if it hasnt stopped bleeding or if its deep or long.
Whereabouts on his head is it.....!
If its still bleeding take him A& E.
Otherwise keep an eye on him......if he starts vomiting he needs to be seen.
Bless him! My little boy head butted the bath when he started to walk we took him to A7e as it wouldnt stop bleeding! if the cut is ok and he didnt lose
consciousness he should be fine but keep an eye on him if your worried why dont you call NHS direct x


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Yes i agree take him to A&E to be on the safe side hope he is ok

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Awww bless him:hug99: ....I agree i would take him to A&E just to have him checked over, although i'm sure he's fine...xxx
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Generally if a child bangs their head and a lump forms it isn't usually a problem, it's if they bang their head (quite hard) and no lump forms then there is cause to worry about internal bleeding.
It's basically what you feel is best (mother knows best!) and only you know your little one!
I would suggest to keep an eye on him, but if at all worried then a quick (yeah right!) trip to a and e wouldn't hurt!
Hope he's OK.



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Sonkie, the cuts not bleeding & its about a cm in size & its not open or anything. Its on the side of his head.

I think i will monitor him & if anything happens i will take him to a&e, he is snuggling me now & tryin to grab my computer!!! lol

Thanks for the advice everyone!

Lucie xxx


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Thats a great idea...though if he becomes unusually quiet and starts vomiting he will need to be seen.
If you are still unsure in the morning and there is no major cause for concern im sure your gp will check him over to be sure......!
Dont forget any worrying symptoms get him checked.

He seems to be fine (after your computer lol) bless him.
Take care


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Rachel's head comes up in a bump soooooooo easily. I tend to take the tack that if there's a cut that won't stop bleeding or if she seems sleepy then we got to A&E otherwise I monitor her. kids hey!
Ah this thread made me smile at myself.

Big kisses for your poorly boy's bumped head btw - but I know that when stuff like this happened to my eldest child, I was straight down to casualty, demanding to be seen RIGHT NOW etc.

Was slightly more relaxed with my second - I let my third play with knives (as Steve Martin quipped in 'Parenthood') lol.

I can't believe how laid back I am about bumps and bruises now - it's all 'oh you're fine, there's no blood, go and play'.

My poor children lol.



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:rotflmao: @ isobel , i`m the same

lucie hope he is o.k you watch he`ll be running round soon as if nothing has happened
kaz xx
Isobel, im the same lol Daniel is my 3rd & now after the inital shock i was like oohh hes fine lol he has been eating biscuits, pulling himself up on whatever he can & shouting alot all night lol

Thanks for all the replies tho everyone!

Lucie xxx
Really glad he's OK :)

Is, my eldest thinks I am the worlds worst mother. When he was about 12 he went through this stage of hypochondria :rolleyes: .

I got sick of being phoned at work to find out there was really nothing wrong with him so when his PE teacher phoned and said that someone had jumped on his foot whilst playing basketball in PE I just asked if he could walk. Teacher assured me taht he could and it was just 'a bit bruised'....

When I got round to looking at his foot about a week later I noticed his toes were all wonky :eek: . I took him to the GP who sent us to x-ray... poor child had broken several bones in his foot that had reset in a wonky position. He's still got a weird foot now almost 9 years later but hey he survived :D . I felt awful but he still winds me up about it even now!
Ooooh Donna,
Sorry but I did laugh at your post, probably because it's the sort of thing I would do! (at least he can still walk!) LOL

oh no donna dont say that lol daniel has probably cracked his skull & here i am saying ohhhh hes fine!! lol
hes been right as rain since tho so im sure he is fine lol

Lucie xxx

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