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Non Traditional Breakfast

Hello :)

I stayed with a friend last night, and breakfast this morning was toast or cereal... I dunno about you, but I find this incredibly boring, and it doesn't fill me up. I'm more of an omelette, or bacon & mushrooms, or fruit, oats & yogurt big bowl of yumminess...!

It got me thinking about breakfasts, what's the strangest thing people have had for breakfast? What's your favourite thing to have?

For me, I have to have a bacon sarnie on a Sunday. And my least conventional breakfast would have been leftover cottage pie...
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Nowadays (sw) if at home have either sw fry up (with potatoes instead of bacon if on green day or fruit & yog with cereal on top.
This morning tried magic porridge - was better than expected and filled me up

Perfect breakfast would be lots of berries, on top of toasted waffles with nat yoghurt & maple syrup
or Almond croissant
Mmmmmmmmmm - mouth watering now lol
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I'll usually have my breakfast in work during the week....I'll always have a muller light yoghurt and will sometimes also have some slices of lean ham or fruit on the side x
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We have moved house recently and have had loads of people stay over the past few months. 2 weeks ago we had 7 people stay over (and there are 3 of us) - in total 8 adults and 2 toddlers. The week before that we had an extra 2 adults and a child stay over and the week after 2 adults.

Everyone was offered either cereal or toast (we did have a choice of cereals tho). Thats what we have every day and I think when we have had friends or family round for dinner i wouldnt be expecting to cook them a fry up. I never once thought anyone left my house thinking "ooh they just offered us toast or cereal".

Now I am beginning to wonder if they may have...
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My hubby likes a west indian dish for breakfast called Ackee & Saltfish. I don't like it personally, but its apparently traditional in Jamaica.
Yeah my husband likes his traditional West indian breakfasts...this also includes curry mutton, rice and peas left over from the night before :eek:...couldn't do it myself. I love my eggs, bacon and tomatoes...yummmm... :eat:
I've not had curry for breakfast before... hmmmmmm.... :D

I was just curious, wanting some ideas about brekkie.... most people I know pick toast or cereal :) didn't mean to offend anyone!!
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A usual breakfast for me is a cereal bar or fruit and i don't think I have ever eaten anything strange for brekkie as I am a fussy sod in the morning x
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I had fruit and yoghurt this morning and am hungry already, much prefer mushroom omelette with tinned toms which fills me up better but decided to have the extra 15 mins in bed - wish I hadn't been so lazy now lol x
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My favourite is what I had yesterday roasted kipper, crispy potatoes, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes.

I never did breakfast and I'd never eat leftovers, so the most unusual would be cheese and ham with brioche!
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Ive had curry on toast quite frequently in the past :D
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I'm another who's abit boring, I have porridge on week days because it's quick to do before work and then SW friendly "fry-up" at the weekends.

Before SW I used to be quite partial to left over pizza (that's if there was any left over) x

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I love kedgeree, I could eat it for every meal of the day. Although I lay off the gin & tonics when I have it for breakfast!


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I usually have weetabix and fruit but if I want my hex for later in the day I'll have smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and mushrooms or cheese and bacon omlette and mushroom with baked beans. The cooked breakfasts rely on me getting out of bed early enough to cook though!
Today's breakfast was leftover boiled potatoes chopped and put in a baking dish with chopped tomatoes and onions, all frylight-ed. Once that was cooked (in about 15-20 mins), I made two wells in it and cracked in 2 eggs - then back in the oven for 5-10 mins. It was delicious and kept me full up for ages.

My strangest breakfast is leftover chinese/indian when we have takeaways. Love it!

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