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Noobie :) Hi...

I'm new,well 32yrs new lol, but i am joining LT on Thursday 15th Jan and have been thinking about it since pregnant with first baby who is now nearly a shocking 5 months old :eek:. I have a diet buddy whos been on LT before and is my lil sis (sheepy)
so i have to meet her to get weighed etc, so hopefully we can keep each other going.

Hope to meet newbies in the same boat as me, i need to loose about 6 stone thats if im telling the truth lol, i dont know how much i weigh yet but i know i will faint when told.

Any info on what to expect would be great, pros and cons welcome :p

nice to meet you in advance (waves) ;)
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on the up lol
lol i just posted on other....

welcome my big sis ( lol i ment in age ):rolleyes:

roll on thursday woohoo scared to about WI , lol :p
Hi She-Ra

Good luck for when you start lipotrim on Jan 15th. This is my first day, so I will be on here most days and you can read how I am finding it. Just had my first shake and it was okay-ish, but towards the end I found it a little sickly. I made vanilla with some coffee and warmed it up. It felt quite filling.
Up to now, I am feeling fine and not hungry.


weighs a lot less
hello she-ra and welcome to the forum with sheeps help you will deffo be on to a winner and remember we are all here for you too ( i know what sisters can be like ive got one lol) and sheep welcome back hun how come you are back on thought you were at your target xx


on the up lol
heya lillie, well i was never at target lol , chemist wouldnt let me go no more.... plus xmas been and gone i put on a bit lol, not sure how much yet, so im bk for round 2 hopefully at diff, chemist if not bk to arguing LOL plus i need to settle she-ra in to diet soooo roll on thursday next week wooohoooooooooooooooooo

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Welcome I'm also doing this diet with my sister and it does help especially as we are now both on the straight and narrow!

I lost 3 stone in 10 weeks and just want to finish the job!:)

Welcome she-ra to the forum and good luck with the start on the 15th Jan. I have around 8 stone to lose if not more. Ya only have to go as far as asking your lil sis sheep for questions as that girl has done just brillant!! She has been an absolutely inspiration!! Although havent seen her around in ages so hope everything is going well with her? Hope the diet works for ya and ya have been blessed with a penny from heaven as well I am sure ya will be kept on your toes exercise wise! Looking forward to getting to know you and reading your posts and most important your success, gud luck for now, take care
THank you very much all :)

Miss unknown, sheepy has done excellent bless her skinny ass, did she also tell yas that it was me who dragged her round shopping and into cafes for breakfast lunch and dinner while i was pregnant !! It was her 1st week of LT, what a torture.

I have no doubt she wants her own back as she mentioned today that she would start a week later :eek:

NOOOOOO we do it together (im not stupid, just fat ) :8855:


on the up lol
lol she-ra ( skinny ass ) is why im bk ey LOL yes i remeber them days, my first week starving and you stuffing ur face LOL
lol she-ra ( skinny ass ) is why im bk ey LOL yes i remeber them days, my first week starving and you stuffing ur face LOL
Sheep - good to see ya hunny!! Hope your doing well? Gud luck with your restart and ya will have your big sis as well to help ya out. The both of ya are so funny!!


Eloquent hooligan
Welcome aboard :D

Please don't tell us your as mad as your sis.... ;)
well im a bit madder then her cos im older and have more experiance of madness, but it did rub off on her although she has plenty of her own madness too :8855:

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