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Im back....did you miss me?

It feels like forever since i've posted on here but im back now and here to get the last of the weight off and to maintain :D

As you may remember i was in an accident and broke my ankle, then got a chest infection and had to come off LT :(

Truth be told i never really got back on the wagon so here i am to get the rest of the weight off.

However it aint all bad, I lost 10lbs all by myself while i was away, im no longer obese just overweight and i have a HOT new fella :) who makes me to nervous to eat.

By my calculations i have 21lbs to go till goal and hopefully can get that back off by xmas :) or my 21st at the beggining of Jan.

So hiii to all the newbies and some of the oldies too... ive been noseying around and WOW everyones doing so fab.

Hope you dont mind putting up with me again :D

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had the cast off last week, just got a big massive bandadge...thank god for leggings :)


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Hey chicka! Welcome back :) Glad you are better now and well done on losing 10lbs yourself ... fantastic :)

That 21lbs will be off in no time! :D Have you started TFR now yeah? xxx
started this morning....i havent missed the shakes lol but needs must and all that :D. bring on ketosis asap :)


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Only a few days honey then ketosis will be around :D Good luck honey xxxx
thanks tanya :)


A little of everything!
And a new fella too- things are going great for you now! LOL! You'll be back on track in no time!
thanks irishmum. i see youve just restarted it....how are you finding it??


A little of everything!
No probs Kels! So far so good. Dosed with a pretty bad cold at the minute, not fun- but on the plus side- I've had no appetite, so in theory I should hit ketosis without any problems? I 'should' be in it by now, but no symptoms so far? So who knows? Day 5 for me (my first day was ballsed up- long story, it's on here somewhere!) and first WI on Friday morning.
I've been peeking at the scales (I know, I know!) and theres not much movement, so I've been having my mid-weekly wobble this last day or two- thinking "Arghh, it's not working!" etc. etc. but I guess I'll just have to wait & see?
youll do great....i admit it i can be a scale hopper but up until this morning i hadnt been on them for 3 weeks, distraction is the key but its just soo hard on an extreme diet like this.

booo to the cold:( im just getting over one myself (im always ill :p) im just glad i wasnt on LT when i was all bunged up your braver than me :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
All the very best in getting to your goal for christmas. It will be fab to have reached it for your birthday.
Hey hun- great to see you back here!

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