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Oooo Hun!!!

Why on earth would anyone want to nick your books???
Can your consultant help with some spare? Mine gave me a new book when mine was water damaged.


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dont give up! its a minor blip and most of the plan will be in your head anyway. how were they stolen? contact your consultant im sure they will be able to sort you out


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Blimey! I cant believe someone would want to steal diet books. Some people are unbelievable. Dont give up though. You can always gets tons of advice on here and I am sure everyone will want to help you.


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oh no ask your conslutant hun for a new book if not let me know i have a spare but sure your consultant will help

victoria sponge

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oh no!!!why on earth would any one want to steal the books?????hope you manage to sort out some new or borrrowed ones..i dont get some people!!!xx


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Drama!!! Where was it all stolen from? Poor you! I am sure your consultant will get you new stuff... Not sure about the cookbooks but there are loads of recipes here too. Bah!
You can have all the help you need here.


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OMG who would want to steal diet books, and where were you when they were stolen?