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nosey question - what is your personal reason for losing weight?


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Hello, just a general nosey question really.

is there a particular reason your losing weight? wedding? event? or just fed up of the way you are?

i, personally am doing this for fertility treatment, (and i HATE the way i look) with my bmi been so high, we cant have it til its in the "normal" range. this is also my main focus..... we have our next fertility appt on the 20th feb, 4 weeks tomorrow, so not letting the negative feelings getting in the way - POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE. x x
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Good luck I hope it all works out 4 u..ur doing it so u will get there in the end :) my reason is I'm so fed up from hiding from people and not wanting to go certain places as i was always thin and certain people now find it amusing that im not and really not liking myself no matter how much make up or new clothes I bought to me it didn't make the slightest bit of difference..I kept starting for a half a day then givin up then I kept saying 2morrow and 2morrow never came..then my oh booked a holiday in 7 weeks that's wen I thought I can keep saying 2morrow and have a really awful holiday or I cud shed 2 stone b4 then and b a bit slimmer and here I am day 5 :) good luck with ur app in 4 weeks
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Mine is for the same reason no was 44 should ideally be 30 for IVF consultant said he would consider thirty five which is what I'm aiming for by middle of march. Down to 41 so only 6 more to go which is about 35 lbs and that's only for starters!!!!

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A few reasons. I've just had a baby and want to try for another and don't want to listen to all the crap about bein overweight that I had to the first time round. Also my health and want to feel a lot more confident x


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hi all im just sick of putting things off, i want to do so many things but keep using my weight as a reason not to i am forever saying i do that when i get thinner but never sticking a diet so here i am trying to lose the weight and get my life back.
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I'm doing it for me! Got fed up with my clothes getting tighter and getting out of breath. Also discovered I've got a thyroid problem so I've decided to sort myself out before it gets all out of hand :)
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I am doing it because i have a colostomy and i struggle with hernia's and pain. Not eating food helps so much with the pain and losing weight will help my next operation which is to correct my hernia's. Being slimmer will help the operation to be successful with no need to re-peat it. I have had many operations since having my colostomy 8 years ago but none have completely worked so hoping my next one will because i will be slimmer......

vicky xx


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I've always been a big girl and I hate being big.I want to wear the clothes they in size 12,as they're not frumpy like the 18's and 20's and I'm a short arse so the clothes are awful :( .I don't plan on having any more children,so now is the time for me to sort my weight out for good


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Im doing it because i miss the old me!! I still feel like her! I just dont look like her anymore! xxx
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I am doing it as my bmi is severely over weight and that gave me a real wake up call. I also feel my biological clock is ticking and would love to be pregnant in 2012 and be at a healthy weight to conceive and throughout.


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I'm doing this because (this sounds sad probably) I really want to be attractive and find a girlfriend :) I also want to feel happy with how I look and I just don't wanna be fat anymore.


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aaaaww Aaron, hope you find love. whoever you find, im sure they'll love you for YOU, no matter how you look. <3
Hi , I'm doing tfr cause I want to be here for my 2 boys eldest making confirmation in April and my second boy has special needs , and as he is getting older he is getting harder to lift etc , plus I've run out of excuses , I swore I wouldn't be fat and forty and here I am , that said I have lost nearly 3 stone so far & if I can get another 3 down is be very happy
Tigger. Xxxx
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Doing this to look better for myself and be more confident going out. Everything that comes up my first thought is what will I wear.
I hate people seeing me like this and keep imagining what they must be saying about me.
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Just want to feel normal for a change, sick of worrying about lots os things, will there be enough room in a restaurant for people to walk past, can i fasten the seat belt on a plane, the list of anxieties goes on and on !
would love to walk into a room and think that people were talking about how good i looked rather than how overweight i am,
We will all get there with some dedication, Ive come to a point in my mind where I am completley ready for a change so I think this is why im not struggling too much, as they say mind over matter.
I have changed my outlook that the shakes are the fuel my body needs to keep functioning, all the other food is unecessary, I didnt eat because I was hungry I justed wanted to eat the wrong things because they taste nice !


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S: 241.8lb C: 212.1lb G: 175lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 29.7lb(12.28%)
Thanks very much, I'm hoping this year it'll all change! :) for everybody!

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