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Not a good start to the day...

Mum has just crashed into the back of my car on the drive leaving a lovely dent which will need fixing.

It would be so bad but the car is only a month old!!

And it was my own mother who crashed into it :eek: !

Maybe she's just jealous of my new shiny car. So frustrating though. Could do without the hassle of having to take it to the garage.

Ah well, accidents happen I suppose. Grrrr! xx
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oh no how annoying!!!

i bet she is mad with herself too

oh well the day can only get better i suppose!

daisy x
It will really hurt when poor Mum gets the bill, and has to chauffeur you around for weeks whilst the garage dawdles around repairing it.

Poor you :-(
bless her, she feels awful about it. Especially as she knows how hard I saved to buy it. As I say, these things happen eh? It's not the end of the world. Just a bit frustrating!

Jo B

Full Member
Oh no, that is not a good start to the day. Was everyone ok?


I Can Do This!
If it's not one thing, it's your mother...

Sorry Rachel, I know it's not funny really. Hope it's a quick fix and not too pricy.

I once saw a brand new Porsche drive away from the forecourt and then came across it three miles later wrapped around a lamppost. Now THAT was having a bad day :).


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Oh no Rachel .... poor you ...and car ...and Mum!

I reversed into an A-Frame signpost thingy last nite as I arrived for my LL meeting oops ... have a nice dent in the bumper now ..... wonder how long I can keep that quiet from OH!


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