not a good weigh in last night


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It will be gone before you know it KW. I went back on Monday and had gained 3.5lbs, have been back on track since Tuesday and weigh in this morning showed that it is gone plus another 1-2lbs. The thing that is motivating me this week, is that I kinda know that I'll have another good loss this week.


nearly there!! :)
chin up hunni, learn from it and u wont do it again...come on u no u wanna get to goal so dont let this stop u xxx


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Aww kw.Everything will be okay next weigh in.We are all human these things happen!!
At least your back on track and not quit thats the main thing.I have been the same and im back on track today;)


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Hiya KW!

It's a lesson learnt at the end of the day honey! And it's really good that you're straight back onto it.

Next week, you just watch those numbers go down!!

B x


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*huge hugs* You'll get there hon, the fact this isn't driving you to give up is a great thing! Use minime as a good example!