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not a great day

well had a huge emotional morning, over money with my sis in law who got my dad involved (how old is she!!!!!) to cut a long story short we are doing a joint pressie for my sis 40th and sis in law asked for £50 per person, i sent text saying only afford £30. so she called my dad to ask him to talkto me.
I was so upset. He is lending me the other £20 but its not the point......

She has barely spoken to me in 5 months, i asked her by text wat was wrong and she said nothing we used to be so clsoe and today was kind of the final straw. OH went mad he cant believe i have been pushed again into a collection which is hugely eating into our budget.

On the plus side stayed within syns for the day and (Fanfare please) 3rd day of no smoking :D
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Families hey :eek: Can really sympathise with you as I've had non stop family problems since 2nd Jan....only just calming down now after a family meeting to clear alot of issues.
Some people just think they know best and dont realise just how much they can upset others and then they think you over reacting or just causing trouble.
Stay strong, you've done fantastically staying on track and for not smoking......Huge Congrats.
Sending you bigs hun, things will sort themselves out. Stay true to yourself and your views and hold your head high :)



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Corr I must be a hardened cow, cos no way would have let any family member push me into spending money I didnt have. I am sure if your sister loves you, she would understand your financial situation, and surely its the thought that counts.

Me and my sister rarely spend ore than a £10 on each other because we both know we just cant afford it and were not going to guilt each other into spending what we havent got. For me the challenge is to buy her the most amazing prezzie for that budjet and this year i did her a big collage photo mug of photos, and she LOVED it.

To me they should have set a budget that everyone could afford.. Sorry your stressed about it.
Big well done on sticking to SW and not smoking. Families huh? Pain in the backside! I had years of what you describe, completely did my head in, in the end I walked away. Drastic but OMG bliss!
normally my budget is £10 per person (there are 28 people in mine and oh family we buy for through the year) if my sister knew that my sister in law had called my dad etc she would be really upset that i had been bullied into paying. So obviously not telling her. She usually does the collections and i ususally pay what i can afford not what they tell me to pay. I am the only one in my family that spends within my means and not above and beyond. they are just on a diff planet at times.

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Hun, you can only pay what you can afford and if its upsetting you that much I would actually get your own present for the sum that you can and put your foot down with your family.
I had this issue with my Brother...he has 4 children and I just have 1, however we were expected to travel to Wales for every single birthday party on a Sunday (when I need to get house straight as work every other day of the week!) Its a 4 hour round trip for us and not exactly the cheapest either...so I just told me Brother that he shouldnt expect it as we couldnt afford it...guess what? He's fine with it. It was the same with Christmas too..we always travel on Christmas Day and it isnt fair on my Daughter as she doesnt get to play with the presents that she has opened...not anymore!

Oh and well done for not caving in with the smokes Hun! xxxx
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Yes I agree families can be difficult at time. You must be true to yourself but sometimes that is easier said that done!!!

Keep up the good work on the not smoking and stay on plan and don't let the others drag you down.

((((Big Hugs))))

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