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not a very good weigh in at all

:wave_cry::wave_cry:eek:k so i had my second weigh in and only lost 1 lb i know why though ive not had a good few days at all although yesterday was my fresh start and was 100 % with the diet and thats how im carrying on i have a fire in my belly now and im NEVER NEVER EVER CHEATING EVER AGAIN i feel like ive let myself down and did have a bit of a cry i did have a bit of a tumble BUT ive picked myself up brushed myself off and started all over again and now looking forward to my next weigh in cause i know ill do fantastic.
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Hi Hunni,

dont be disheartened by your loss, considering you cheated you shuld be glad you didnt put any on!

thats 10lbs in 2 weeks you have lost, and thats nothing to turn your nose up at!!

Well done you for getting motivated and sticking to it



Slowly but surely!
Well done hun we will all have weak moments, at least your back on it and your still doing well :)
i just feel so ashamed of myself cause its only me ive let down but i wont give up no bleeding way i will do this diet cause i know deep down i can yea your right at least i didnt put on i wud be soooo gutted and 10 lb in 2 weeks is good i suppose thanks lauren
Don't beat yourself up, you have the right attitude now and determination to continue, 10lbs is fab in two weeks welldone you ;)
hey, It really was a difficult week with Easter an all. 10 lbs is a fab loss and you will do better next week. You still have 2 weeks to bring it up to a stone!! what other diet could do that for you? Hang in there.
Why are you beating yourself up at losing 10lbs in 2 weeks? I dont understand that. The more pressure you pile on yourself the harder you will find this. You need to relax and have confidence that if you are following the plan you will lose and if you have a wee hiccup then its not the end of the world. You are human after all and it was Easter.

Dont put so much pressure on yourself or you will lose sight of all the good things you are achieving.

T4A x


My husband = My hero
i just feel so ashamed of myself cause its only me ive let down but i wont give up no bleeding way i will do this diet cause i know deep down i can yea your right at least i didnt put on i wud be soooo gutted and 10 lb in 2 weeks is good i suppose thanks lauren
no suppose about it lovely, its fantastic!!

im in teh same boat as you, so if you need a moan or feel u might slip send me a message ok!!

were all in this together, this is one of the lonliest diets in the world, but i suppose if were all lonely together its not so bad haha

Hey hon

Nothing to be ashamed off at all! I think it's important not to get into the cycle of beating yourself up too much about this. Put it in context; this is a very difficulty thing you have started on (TFR) and you stumbled (as did I ) off the starting blocks but you have gotten it back together rather than thrown in the towel so I think we should be proud of ourselves not ashamed. Proud that we didn't use it as an excuse to turn our back on LT totally, that we acknowledged what we did and dusted ourselves off and started again. That (IMHO) shows real guts and courage, not something to be ashamed off.

thanks everyone feel alot better now ,, its great to know when your feeling so low thats theres ppl in the same boat here ready to put you back on a high thanks again :O)
Well done for having a positive attitude.

Just take it one day at a time !
10 lbs in 2 weeks is fantastic! Glad you have dusted yourself off and picked yourself back up, thats the right attitude to have! :O)

Well done, you will be absolutely fine, 'cos we are all behind you 100%.


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don't beat yourself up hun - it's another pound closer to target - and 10 lbs in 2 weeks is amazing.
have just noticed you're from the west mids - whereabouts? x


Here we go again!
Don't get down about it. You've done the right thing by getting straight back on it and you're right, you can do this and you will do this. Good luck, we're all here for you at anytime!
Hiya hun,

No more crying my darling, we both learnt some hard lessons this week about how terrible we feel if were not good. it's only our second week and perhaps these things are good to learn early on!!.

On a lighter note..... 10lb in 2 weeksis fab!!!! we lost no where near that at weight watchers and we went for months, I think I managed 1/2 a pound in all the time we went lol. so don't worry anymore, we got this forum and each other when it gets too much, I'll be phoning night or day next time I get that urge like Good Friday, Keep that phone to hand, bed, loo, garden u name it. lol x x x x

Love ya stax, step mommy Jo x x x x x x

mini goals
1. get through first week Done :D
1.5. get through week 2.. Done but did cheat.:sigh:
2. to lose a stone Done 6.5 & 7.5 does add up to 14lb but ticker shows 13lb :D
3. to drop a dress size Done Now back in size 16 jeans :D
4. to get through week 3 without cheating.
5. to lose 2 stone
6. to drop another dress size.
more mini goals to come lol.

wk 1 -7.5lb
wk 2 -6.5lb 1 stone gone :D
wk 3



maintaining since June'09
I think it's brilliant you lost anything at all under the circumstances - that lb was a bonus!

Well done for getting right back on track! x

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