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Not able to complete day 1 :(

Hey all
I have been so many issues with restarting my journey. I brought a lovely CK dress when I went to Florida in July and was determined to get into it for the work Xmas do next week and I am no where getting it over my hips let alone doing up the zip. Please help :( :(:cry::cry::cry::cry:
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Hi pretty chin up hun but I'm the same got a lovely dress to wear next Friday nite. Aiming to shift a few lbs by then. Come on give it a bash today once u have 2 100% days u will be on a role.

It's hard but can be achieved. Good luck to you xx
Hi Preeti
Don't focus on that dress for now, there is nothing you can do about xmas.
However try and use it to motivate yourself as you will fit in it when you get your head round everything. have you date in March you could wear it? - or promise yourself a special night out in 100 days.

I have big problems with my party wear too - nothing fits from last year, and i can't fit my high black boots which I love :-(

I'm aiming for easter- when I will be ready to fit all my summer clothes again!

You know this works, but you do have to be in the right place in your head -and getting upset about one dress/one day could maybe be your downfall here. We are not going to look our best this christmas - even LL can't work its magic in 7 days - but there's years of parties and dresses and events to look forward to! So enjoy this one in the knowledge that the next one you will feel/look even better at.

Now, off to take my own advice....

Chin up hun
Daisy x
I agree Daisy,
It's always hard to take our own advice!
Preeti, the dress isn't that important. It's the "you" inside it that counts.
You'll do it when your head is in the right place.
I know Exante is cheaper, but for me LL is the one. I think BL finds the same.
you and me both! I've been here a 100 times before and struggling to get past day 1.... tomorrow is another day :sigh: im not doing anything for xmas anyway so tomorrow can be my day 1

good luck with your journey but your not alone x


Likes to lurk
Hey all. I'm back too and doing Exante. Put half my weight back on and needed a serious kick up the backside. Plan on full abstinence for 8 weeks then redoing RTM (with Exante Packs). Just want to shift 3stone or so and have another crack at maintaining.

Day 3 today and everything is going well. I can totally sympathise with redoing day one though. The memory sure does fade.... :(
Good for you for starting again Guy. Welcome back.:)
I did it :)

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Take it day by day.....good luck with your journey. x


is Magdalicious
That's day one ticked off!
It really REALLY does get easier with time!
Like Nutty said, take one day at a time!
Good luck hun xxx
Well done Preeti.
You are on your way....................xxx:p
Thank you all :) :) Now just waiting for ketosis to kick in ;)


Getting her sparkle back
Well done Preeti! You'll be in ketosis is no time :) xxxx
Well done :) I am on day 1 today, decided to start today as back at work & in more of a routine!

Just had my 2nd pack - a porridge....just hoping I can stick to it all day, I'll be happy when home & in bed - early night me thinks ;)

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