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Not Always Eating My Full Cals


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Hi all

I use MFP and I can never seem to be able to eat all the calories, these are just normal allowance don't even bother putting my exercise on as it would be too scarey to look at!

I am on a very low fat diet at the moment, since I discovered I had gallstones last Monday:rolleyes: I am finding it difficult to gain calories and reduce fat:confused: I am keeping 5g per 100g of fat, so anything over does not go in my mouth, as I am terrified of my gallbladder going into an attack as its horendous pain, worse than labour!

Has anyone got any suggestions on how I can raise my calories without fat and also without too many carbs as I feel I eat a lot of that already.

I am usually short about 300.

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Aw sorry hun I haven't got a clue, I'm a newbie to this calorie counting!
Just wanted to sympathise with the gallstones. I had them for quite a while before I got diagnosed and the pain was horrendous!
are you going to have an operation? I had mine out and it was the best thing ever xxx
Maybe up your lean protein? Prawns fish etc? And eggs would probably be good too? Try not to worry if your not eating all your cals. Just do your best. Xx

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Eggs are quite high in fat though which you have to be careful with when you have gallstones.

Why not try rosemary connelly diet, that works on calorie allowance plus a no more than 5% fat rule I'm led to believe


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Fruit juices too


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I find pAsta pretty high in Cals, I think if you had a nice big bowl full you could make a good dent, maybe use a Tom sauce or low fat Mayo with tuna or crab.

Make a big plate of homemade chips using potato and fry light.

A couple of yoghurts. Could you use a lot of carbs and proteins?

Hope you find away around it and have no more attacks x


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My apologies, have just re read your first post re carbs and that's all iv mentioned lol.

Restiction of carbs and fats doesn't leave too many options, it might be a case of trying to eat little and often, maybe soups?


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Thank you everyone for the advice and the well wishes:cool:

I'm off the GP tomorrow so I will have a chat with him and see if he can let me see a nutrionist, as I really do want to lose this weight but I am struggling hitting my cal target with the low fat thing, there is only so much bread & pasta you can eat in a day without feeling completely stuffed:rolleyes:

I can't eat eggs i'm afraid, they can apparently bring on an attack, will try the fruit juice option and will also have a look at Rosemary Conley, see what that is like, also the HM chips in frylight might be an idea:D

Thank you, will let you know how things go;)

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