Not doing well :(


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Well we have moved and the move went very well.. HOWEVER things have gone all wrong diet wise. I had just reached my goal weight when we moved a week ago and have since been bingeing terribly and in a nutshell have put on 7lbs :eek:

I really don't know what to do, I feel as though I have just gone back in time to pre-Lighterlife/Cambridge and have gone back to my old (terrible) ways, feeling a bit miserable about it to be honest.
aww thanks hon :eek:

but what is the best thing to do now? i dread to even think about going back on SS but even the slightest bit of food now makes me go into binge mode :(

what the heck is wrong with me?!
Hey Sarah5, well done on getting to goal and on moving home.
Alot of peeps find moving home so stressful dont be 2 hard on yourself.

Could u maybe try and do the 1500 Cd plan to lose that 7 pounds it will come off so quickly and u will still be eating normally and be in control of your food.
Hun there is no way u need to Ss with just 7 pounds to lose.

Take care and looking forward to chatting 2 u soon and see how u r doing xx
yes it is annoying isn't it!?!

i have met my counsellor here (we're in a new area) and she seems very nice. she's been on holiday since the day we moved in, but she's back now and i think i'll give her a call and have a chat about it.

thanks a lot for your advice, any more would be gratefully received.

(not sure why my ticker isn't working properly!)