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Not eating after 7pm??. Does it help??

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Shangri-la, 3 September 2013 Social URL.

  1. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    I have done every diet/lifestyle change under the sun. I think I might have found the secret for me. I seem to be losing weight more effectively since I have stopped eating anything after 7pm. I might have a black cup of tea/coffee at about 9pm but that's it.

    My question is - Do any of you do this or how have you found this method?. I seem to usually only look at food and the weight is on straight away after carbs. However, I am sticking to my syns, heb and hea but all before 7pm in the evening.
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  3. xjenna90x

    xjenna90x Full Member

    I naturally don't eat after 7....unless im real hungry might have some fruit or a yogurt later....last thing I want is to go on a binge if im starving lol but it does help as its less calories for U to burn off at bedtime which is hardly any in your sleep x
  4. talisha

    talisha Full Member

    I work nights and therefore have my dinner around midnight/1am. Granted it's mainly only a weetabix with muller light and fruit (and a hot chocolate with my milk allowance) but I've had losses almost every week (and very small gains due to other habits) ;)

    If it works for you then stick with it--just don't feel you can't eat after 7pm if you are hungry :)
  5. Treenire

    Treenire loves stripes!

    My dinner is usually at 5pm so at 7 I tend to have an Apple and yoghurt. I never have liked going to bed after just eating =]
  6. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    Thank you for all the replies. I will definitely eat if I am starving but have found that usually a cup of something hot helps (unless, I am going through a binge). I would then spend three or four days bingeing badly until I revert back to healthy eating.

    I think that I have now accepted my binge eating disorder and have decided to work with it. I used to binge for weeks on end but now I can curtail it to three days when I feel it coming over me. My acceptance has really helped me. However, the fact that I have type 2 diabetes means that I should have put an end to any form of bingeing but each baby step towards improvement in my diet will help.
  7. sparx

    sparx Shiny sticker monster

    I'm totally different, I often don't have my tea until 7/8 pm and then might have a snack after that too. While I was losing I never really had much of a problem.
  8. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    God, I wish I could get away with that. I understand about the science and calorie deficit and all that but for some reason it doesn't work for me. Maybe, it's because I really messed up my metabolism with all the liquid diets ie lipotrim, Cambridge, slim and save,etc etc, lol. These work for some but really slowed down my metabolism when I went back to a normal health diet.
  9. xjenna90x

    xjenna90x Full Member

    I know how you feel about binge eating....ive been a binge eater for two years had my last binge on bank holiday weekend which was a 4 day binge and felt I needed to do something....i bought a book off amazon called the beck diet solution and im a third way reading through iy and I feel its helped changed my attitude towards food already! Really puts things into perspective....i know time will tell but I feel really positive that I won't have a bad binge again x
  10. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    Thanks hun. I might just give it a try but I have had binge eating problems my whole life and seem to have read everything on it but it might help. Im beginning to think that its something to do with a chemical imbalance in the brain and not so much about greed. Anti depressants are often prescribed for binge eating and they increase serotonin in the brain which is supposed to reduce binge eating - hence why I often binge if I am depressed or tired. I know how to eat healthy and what to do but something comes over me at times that is absolutely uncontrollable and until I have a binge, I cannot forget about it.

    I have been told so many times to, have a bath, paint my nails etc but people who say that do not suffer from binge eating disorder. If I can just reduce the frequency of binges, ill be getting somewhere. Hope all goes well for you hun. Thanks for the info on the book.x
  11. Becky7777

    Becky7777 Full Member

    I'm another one that doesn't have evening meal until around half seven, eight. My losses have always been good. And not found late eating to be a problem x
  12. Oceanspirit

    Oceanspirit Member

    Hi binge eater
    Really interesting post. Please keep us updated. I've heard lots of good things about stopping eating early.

    I'm also a binger and have to say I'm doing the opposite to you atm. I eat lightly through the day and then have my dinner and the best bits (baked potato followed by chocolate!) fairly late in the evening - say around 8 onwards.

    Best of luck with it
  13. swansong1a

    swansong1a Full Member

    I can relate to this eating disorder too - but I have dinner around 7pm, then at about 8-9pm I'll have a homemade (syn-free) pate sandwich (wholemeal bread) with some little chunks of cheddar on the side. I usually do red days so this supper covers my two HexAs and two HexBs. It's something I look forward to and really enjoy every day - if I go to bed hungry, I won't be able to sleep and will be up again an hour later raiding the fridge (after spending that hour mentally cataloguing the contents of said appliance lol). Good luck!
  14. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    Thanks everyone for all the replies. Haha, swansong1a, I do that too, imagine all the contents of the fridge but my real trigger for bingeing is definitely cake!!. If I come within 10miles of a cake, I have to devour the lot and not just a measly slice. I can avoid crisps and chocolate ok so Ive started buying those weightwatchers cake slices where they are in snack packs so I just tear off one and bring it to uni to have with coffee so im not deprived, lol.

    Oceanspirit and Becky7777, I wish I could eat later on as im always quite hungry at 8pm onwards but it seems to stick to me and if I have weigh in next day, it shows on me. Having said that, if I have a night out with hubby, we eat at about 8pm and I have the lot, lol, starter, main and dessert but that might be every few months. I am more concerned about getting the diabetes and bingeing under control though so will keep you all updated as to what kind of losses I have with the cessation of eating after 7pm.x

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