not enough fat?


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Hi there,
There's no such thing as not enough fat when you're taking Xenical.
It works by eliminating a third of the fat in each of your meals (when you take your tablet), so it doesn't matter whether the meal contains 1g or 15g of fat, the Xenical will still get rid of a third of it.

Some people don't take their Xenical when they're having a meal that contains no fat (fresh fruit salad for instance), but most people prefer to take it anyway to stay in a routine, and to put them off snacking in between meals!

Hope this helps!


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My Dr told me to take it no matter how little fat you think your consuming because everything has a bit of fat...even a banana has i think...0.5 g of fat...or something like that..and a big handful of salad has 0.2 g I yeah.. :)