NOT feeling gr8!!!! WEEK 8 results


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Week 8 weigh in - guess wat................

Stayed the ruddy same - no loss apart from couple of grammes! :mad:

Am I dissapointed - not sure how I feel about it really, I had been to the gym prior to attending my class BUT I should have lost something surely! :mad:

I'm currently 12st 1, with at least another 2st to lose - I have had the slowest lost in my group, and now a stay the same, think I was little miffed especially as they'd all eaten. So I ate a bit last night - nothing major & I enjoyed it no guilt etc but thats prob as it wasn't a lot - though obviously not the correct thing to do :( !

Back on track this morning, 1 shake down & zero water - I'll open Evian shortly :) .

Anyone's comments appreciated!

Luv Clare
AHHHHHHH HUN ((((HUGS)))) What did your counsellor say?
if its any consulation there was a lady at my group Wednesday and it was her 1st week and she had stuck to it and put ON a 1 lb! so imagion how she felt,they say look at the BIG picture and your losses should be 1 stone a month?
I know like you I would be :( if this happens to me,maybe its the gym?Are you haing lots of Bars?Water flavourings?Sometimes they might not help,do what you did your 1st week and se what happens next week.Just 1 other thing your body may have gone into shock mode and is trying to hang on to the fat but if thats so it should start to fly off again soon?
Thanx hun - I'm not feeling toooooo bad! Hardly have any bars, just stick to water flavours in 1litre of sparkling a day MAX, it just might be one of those 'things'.
SO I did my inches & this is the result:
START: Bust 46" Waist 40" Hips 46"
4 wks: Bust 42" Waist 36" Hips 44"
8 wks Bust 41" Waist 34" Hips 42"
In the past 4 wks, I've only actually lost 1/2 stone but quite a few inches so this is how I am viewing my STAY THE SAME!!!!!! GRRRRrrrrr!
I'm SURE I'm still getting smaller - the scales are WRONG WRONG WRONG xxxxxxxx