Extra Easy plateau help please


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started SW 1st march slowly lost 1 stone 5lbs then it stopped spent 6 weeks stay the same tried to vary meals a bit more concentrated more on speed food etc etc then i got fed up and although didn't go mad just didn't weigh and measure for a week and gained 1/2 lb fair enough, this week i am really struggling to stay on plan and although i have managed it but my syns have been 14-15 daily the rest of my food diary is nearlly all speed and protien and I know for sure that will be another gain as more syns than normal. i still weigh nearly 16 stone so how can my body get stuck for 6 weeks I weigh on tues and am seriously considering not going and giving up. fed up of sticking to plan and not loosing then listening to people moaning they only lost 3lbs but they only had takeaway twice and a chocolate bar. I am also vegan so I naturally eat a lot of fruit and veg and most are speed. I have a lot of rice too never add fat not even frylite. I have beans and tofu for protien, I cant think what else I can adjust to get things moving again but not loosing is making me crave nuts and smoothies which I am not having and if i was loosing it would be worth it. sorry for the rant just seriously annoyed
Aw, sorry to see you are struggling a little bit :(

It sounds like you go to group, have you tried giving your consultant your food diary to look over? If you don't keep one, I would really advise it, it helps keep me on the straight and narrow, and if I don't record things then I will easily forget them - I once had double my hexB allowance in a day because I was getting lazy with recording things.

Hopefully there are more knowledgeable and experienced people on here who can help you a bit better, but all I would say is use your group and your consultant. You pay your £5 each week to get their experience. Is your consultant approachable? I would definitely ask her to take a look at what you are eating - a fresh pair of eyes might be what you need.

Can I ask, do you think you are eating enough or perhaps too much? I had a week where I was expecting a big loss because I was under my syns considerably, and had two days where I was ill and unable to eat meals. I lost nothing... My consultant took a look at my plan and told me I needed to eat more. I followed her advice for the next week and maxed out my syns everyday and made sure I was eating lots (on plan). I went to group so anxious the next week, feeling so guilty for eating so much and feeling a ton heavier, but turns out I had a big loss. That was quite early on in my journey. It might something as simple as not eating enough or perhaps eating too much. They say foods are free, but we need to be sure we are eating until we are comfortably full, not so full we feel sick!

I really hope things change for you - it might be worth looking in similar threads to see what others say. Or perhaps post a food diary on here for people to offer advice on.