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Hi everyone:)
I know i don't post much one her, so forgive me if all my posts seem to do is moan, but I am feeling REALLY down today. I've got my 3rd WI tomorrow, and even thou the scales have told me that up til now i have lost 12lbs, I'm just not FEELING like I've lost any weight, i see myself in the mirror and still look bloated and fat.
I just can't shake off this rotten feeling i've got today. It's probably just me being stupid as per usual!
I'm sorry guys, but only you lot i can open up to about this, i don't like being weak infront of people usually:)
Does anyone else have days like this?
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I know how exactly how you feel, i know i have lost weight but i also feel when i look in the mirror i just cant see it. I thought there was something wrong with me but now i know you and maybe other people feel the same way.:doh:


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Hang on in there!

You will soon start to see a difference - I've lost 2 stones now and all of a sudden gone down 2 dress sizes from 20 to 16! It will happen for you just keep going.

It is a strange diet, I was always bottom heavy but the weight has gone from my bottom half (7 inches) and now I am in proportion, yet my upper arms havn't budged yet.

Very, very soon you will look in the mirror and see a difference - it takes time but it will happen (promise :)) I was exactly the same.

You have done really well so far - don't give up, give it chance to work and give yourself the slim and healthy body you deserve. xxx


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I am the same as you initially stated, I have my 3rd weigh in tomorrow and feeling a little down even though i think i might have hit the first stone off, but like you cant see the difference and feel that i should, even my trousers dont feel loose i always believed that each stone you lose you go down a dress size, but i to have been told that you may go weeks were you dont see the loose and then one day you wake up and say Wow!!!!!! chin up hun we will get there


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I have lots of days like that. Sometimes I tend to focus on what I think I should lose and I'm not satisfied with what I actually have lost. I see other people losing more than me and think I'm doing badly in comparison. Then I look and see I've lost 11lb in just 2 weeks and I wouldn't have lost that on any other diet. Nowhere near. So I am really doing well-it just doesn't always feel like it.
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I felt like last week, even mailed my CDC to moan, got to WI day, closed my eyes while I stoood gingerly on scales and found I'd lost 3lbs! Don't give up hunnie xxxx
S: 20st7lb C: 17st7lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 42 Loss: 3st0lb(14.63%)
Hi Hunny, Yes I think everyone has days like this. I do. I am still very early on with the diet, and although i know i have lost weight and gone down nearly 2 dress sizes, I still can't see it. I now take weekly pics and compare them to my start photos and yes I can see a different. I still wake up in the morning look in the mirror and think bleugh at myself, but rome wasn't built in a day and all that.

Try and be strong take some pics so you can compare them. Try and find something to take your mind off the diet, otherwise you just dwell on it all and it can be overwhelming.

You are doing so well. Keep at it. Just think one day at a time. Look at how fast the days and weeks and months go by. A few more and you will be at goal. Chin up <hugs>


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Just woke up and read through all your messages and i feel better already! Thanks guys, you are all truly supportive:)
It is so comforting to know that there are people feeling the same as me! My friends and family don't really approve of the diet, so you lot are pretty much my only support network! I feel a bit more 'normal' now since learning that you all feel the same! If that makes sense?!
Thanks again, and well done on all your losses! xxx:)
S: 19st11.5lb C: 19st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st11.5lb(4.14%)
Helen, you're very welcome hunnie xx

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