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Not going back!

Hi everyone :)

Been a bit absent from the board for a few days - had an interview on Monday and was busy preparing. Well I found out I got the job yesterday and went out for a meal to celebrate. I thought 'stuff the ww for tonight' and ended up ordering chicken kiev and chips (oooops!) :p

I have to say, after being on very low fat meals for the past 2.5weeks I found the meal so greasy and heavy that I couldn't eat it all and by the end wished I'd chosen something much lighter.

I think it just confirmed to me that how I am eating now is just so much more enjoyable and gave me a real boost to keep following ww and not go back to my old ways. Has anyone else found that they begin to dislike food they would previously have eaten?
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Woohoo well done you on both :)

Me I dont want to eat the junk I used to,I had a burger at the iow festival pointed but when I ate it I didnt enjoy it and thought god what aload of wasted points.....
I know this may not last as its hard not to want to comfort eat but I hope it does.
:) xx


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yeah im the same, i wouldnt touch a big mac or hot cookie dough from pizza hut because it disgusts me what in them!! lol


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Congrats on the new job.

Must admit to having been a kfc fan in the past. I have had it while on ww and it just doesnt taste the same. I am not a healthy food fanatic but I suppose the lowish fat eating must change your taste for whats good. cant complain though its good news if we dont want to carry on eating fatty foods


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Congrats on the new job hun! Yep, I'm the same, since being back on WW I haven't had an Indian take away as the grease in them really puts me off, whereas before I could have eaten one every night! I think with dieting you start to realise the amount of crap you used to eat and your mind starts to think differently about food and that you can actually eat a lot more healthy food and be as satisfied and you don't really need to eat fatty foods to feel good! :D


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Congratulations on your new job, well done:happy096:


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HI, one of the things i've changed is hardly use butter at all and the other thing, even when i go off plan(it was a tip i picked up in early diet days) for milk allowance(i have semi skimmed) is pour your allowed amount, then add cold water to top up, it's amazing how it streches your allowance for no extra points.:)
Thanks for all the comments :) I agree, it's almost like it's made me feel really sluggish today so have been back to my usual eating habits :D


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congrats on the job and at least you know wat you want now thats a really good thing.