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Not going to let it bother me!

Hi girls

Aaarrrggh! I just don't know what to do! I did TFR for 8 weeks and was thrilled with the loss. I found it easy! Then I went and adopted my daughter from Ethiopa. It was all a fantastic experience. My daughter is now 18weeks and just amazing.

So I started phase 2 of my loss and did 3 weeks TFR then chest infection and a cough bottle that put me out of keytosis anyway! Now finished antibiotics but still on cough bottle.

But in phase 2 I have just felt sooooo tired and not with it....hating it..../

Anyway did refeed and put up 3lbs????? WTF???? I did it all to plan but still up 3lbs.....Now I am NOT going to let it phase me! I am putting it down to fluid!

I am happy with how I am looking but BMI is still 28! So I am thinking of a phase 3 but don't know whether to push myself and do it now or wait and maybe do it in Nov before Christmas! I don't think it is good to be starting and restarting but circumstance has just led me this way.

I was REALLY hoping to get a healthy BMI as I hope to adopt again and this was a huge issue for me the last time! But my medicals won't come up for about a year.

So what do you think? TFR again? If so now or later????? :break_diet:

In fact if I knew how to set up a poll I would base my decision on the result!

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Sara, personally I think you are so close, and really 3lbs is nothing especially as you've been so ill, I would just do a very gentle refeed, lean proteins salad/soups/veges it sounds like your body needs some lovely fresh food and it might be easier now you are so close to goal.

sorry to butt in as im normally on cambridge forum but just wanted to firstly say well done on your journey so far but also 3lbs when you are increasing food is nothing unusual. Once you start introducing carbohydrates after being on total shakes or moving up the plans ect you will find your body will start to refill your glycogen stores (liquid fat stores) and hold onto the carbs, with every part of carbs it holds onto 3 times the amount of water aswell and this is why you can experience an increase, after a couple of weeks this will all subside and the weightloss occurs again. Make sure your fluid levels are up and you will see the scales move before long if you are following plan correctly.

Congratulations on your new bundle aswell xxx

cdc norwich
Firstly -you're weight will regulate -you've done so well -you know how to do it. You WILL be fine.

Secondly - YAY FOR THE BABY!!!! Any pics? Are you loving having a wee baby in the house? I miss the quiet and peaceful feelin our house had when my youngest was only a wee thing. They certainly wake you up dont they? awwww Congratulations on the baby and the weight loss -GO YOU!!
Its a tough one hun, I am tempted to say get back on lipotrim now, as you are better and give it one last push, probably be 2 to 3 weeks. My only reservation is the energy it is taking you to manage such a young baby. I'm not being personal but if you are a single parent that is even harder work!

Can't help wondering if your body just needs some food at this point, and that is why you have felt so rough this time. It is easy for me to say get back on it again because to be honest I have felt pretty good from the start.

I bet yoy look great as well, I remember a recent post where you said you felt good about your body. I know the BMI is a good guide to health and weight but it is just that, a guide.

Let us know what you decide and am really happyn that you and the baby are having a lovely time bonding x
Many many congratulations on your daughter and going through the whole process. I'm really pleased its all working out for you and that you are enjoying her.

I agree with Tara about having reservations at the moment in doing LT. I adopted my youngest and the whole process is just so emotionally draining that I think you might need the extra food intake to remain in good health and cope with the enormous changes that you are going through.

I personally would leave it for a few more weeks then give it a blast before Christmas.
I hope everything continues to go well
with love
Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I can't really add much to what has already been written, just enjoy your gorgeous new baby.

Thanks everyone! I have decided to leave lipotrim alone for a few weeks. Maybe till Nov! Just going to try and maintain. Babs was awake since 5am and I am up since then......exhausted! But she is normally a good sleeper.

So just going to have to be patient to get the rest down. Babs has just gone for a nap and I think I might try and have one too!!!!

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