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not great consultant

Don't know what to do.

The new consultant at the group I go to isn't great. I have given her lots of time. But she's just not inspiring or that interesting. Feel bad for saying this but it's true.

I know people who have stopped comming or who are going to other groups. But its on the only evening I can do.

What can I do?
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You could have a quiet word with her, tell her how the old C used to do things. She may be glad of the feedback as she'll have noticed people are not coming & may not know why.

Or if you don't like speaking to her send her an email.
Would she take it ok do you think?

I don't want her to be like the old consultant. I just want her to be interesting and inspire me to keep going. But would feel bad saying that to her.

Really don't know what to do.
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I think you have to be honest with her. Ask her if you can have a word with her and tell her what you feel is lacking. She must be wondering why people have left and in all probability wants to know what to do to prevent it. I agree with Michelle.

You never know she might just thank you.

Good luck and have courage.
S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
So I go up to her and tell he she's boring, uninspiring and not very good at her job. Don't think I can do that!
I am sure you could be more tactful than that.

You did ask for advice, and I am just trying to help you.

I was going to try and put it a kinder way for you but perhaps not.
Put yourself in her shoes for a moment.

Maybe she already knows there is a problem. If people have been leaving to go to other groups, perhaps she knows that too. Consultants have local and regional meetings, and they do talk to one another.

If she is new, maybe she is nervous, maybe she isn't sure what to do for the best. I am not sure I could stand up there and be upbeat and interesting and motivational week after week!

It would take some courage to do it, but if you could could find a time at which you could talk to her, maybe arrange a time away from group when you could telephone her, you could say "look, I don't want to be unkind or cruel, but . . . " and tactfully explain what you think she should be doing to liven things up. She certainly doesn't want to be losing members - she is losing money! She might take offence - that's the risk you take - but on the other hand she might be very grateful.

Or, if you did not feel brave enough to speak to her, why not put it in a letter which you could hand to her as you leave the meeting. You might find it easier to be tactful in writing.

If it doesn't work, well at least you tried!
I was just being blunt and yes I do know how to put it nicer. But that's what I will be saying - no matter how nice I put it. Was just worried incase it would be too upsetting to hear. Am greatfull for advice - I wouldn't have asked if I didn't need any. Will try and talk to her. But she's not very approchable. Might take cowards way out and leave like everyone else. Like you say - she must know I suppose. I totally appreciate how scary it must be for her. But its been a few months now and she's just not good. My friend left last week for another group - and she's being going to that group for over a year and loads of frends there. Might try and see if I can speak to her. It's just awful as so very much don't want to hurt her feelings. She seems like such a nice person and she's new. But she won't have much of a group left soon and the ones that are there don't seem too happy and not good losses. Thanks for the advice. Will have a think of what I could say and practice on the other half.


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Alternatively you could email Head Office and say how you feel. Then they will either send an undercover person to class or her area manager will come and observe her.
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Alternatively you could email Head Office and say how you feel. Then they will either send an undercover person to class or her area manager will come and observe her.
That's what I was going to suggest. It's SW reputation that is at stake, so I'm sure they will want to hear about this consultant. They will easily be able to see from the paperwork that the numbers have gone down.


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I dont think you have to say that you find her uninspiring and boring - just say that you know people (us) who do all sorts of interesting activities at their groups and you are wondering if you could do something similar

Say that they find it really motivating and you think the group will be interested and benefit from trying new things - perhaps even offer to organise something yourself

make it positive rather than negative ;)

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